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Welcome to Voat. A lot of people here are probably like your father - reserved on the surface, but very angry inside. You will encounter much of that anger venting itself here on Voat. Don't be overwhelmed by it. There are truths that can be discussed here that can be discussed nowhere else. But like any website, there is also much falsity, misdirection, and confusion that is spread here.

Always hold dear to Truth, no matter who speaks it; keep your critical thinking skills sharp so you can identify logical fallacies and bad conclusions wherever they are made - be that in life or here on Voat.


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Like Q, avoid the Q tards

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Filtering out QRV is a must.

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What? Date fagging wasn't endearing to you?

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Technically, you're the qtard. Which makes your comment all the more funny.

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Savage and awesome.

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Perfectly stated

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Yeah but we kinda gotta throw in calling him nigger and stuff too or else he's gonna grow up soft

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You will encounter much of that anger venting itself here on Voat.

Shut up! Fight me faget! I hate you!

Ok, I feel better. Luv ya niggerfaggots. No homo.

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Settles it...you are puttitout or atko.... certainly a founder goat.

This is the best comment I have ever seen on voat, and I been here a long time.

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He's neither. For as long as I can remember, he's always sat at the right hand of the founder.

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Welcome, niggerfaggot. Do you have a minute to talk about the jew?

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Anywhere else in clown world this sentence would get you banned, fired, ostracized etc. but it is truly a gesture of kindness.

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Lmao true. I love voat

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how is this not the top comment and where are the immune system memes?

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where are the immune system memes?

In us, dogle. They were in us all along.

[–] Fairviews ago 

What do you mean immune system memes? Is the immune system not real?

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No greater greeting exists.

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i wonder what amalek is up to

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Life sucks, people are bastards, and nobody will ever put your interests first, so you'd better. Welcome to the shit show

and use night mode like a civilized motherfucker.

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People are generally capable of taking care of themselves but injected with corrupt ideas of putting others first they become helpless dependents on everything. When you put yourself first you avoid being a burden on others. If you're not a bastard, having your needs fulfilled means you will naturally want to make the environment around you a better place.

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My parents told me this shit when I was 6.

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Eh its depressing in the beginning then you learn ,then you begin to realize how many people share the same views. Just waiting for the tipping point

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I just feel differently about my dad now. Not necessarily badly different, just suprised. He never raised me to think about anyone differently but I come to find out he hates most black people and Jewish people.

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He is smart. Ultimately he just feels how niggers and especially jews feel about us, and that are actually trying to genocide us.

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I understand your reaction, but... No, he probably doesn't.

Do you hate rabid dogs, venomous spiders, dangerous big game, machines with dangerous moving parts?

What he hates is more than likely the situation he has been forced to live in.

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Everyone who has experience with average blacks and jews hates blacks and jews. The people with the most favorable opinions of blacks live in Maine and Iceland.

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Observe the actions of blacks and jews and you too will start to hate them soon enough.

The vast majority of people here who don't like them were not raised that way, they figured it out by observing how these groups act and being disgusted by those actions.

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I'm in the anger stage. Been here a while.

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Harness the anger into productivity and prosperity.

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Welcome faggot.

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Name checked out

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“DeNiggero,” what is that, French?

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I'd rather the redpill.

Question everything.

Fuck tv



The federal reserve is a (((sham)))

Kalergi Plan loxism

Around blacks never relax

50% black woman have genital herpes.

I will fight and die for Voaters and what they are and stand for.

All this because it's about family and friends, loyalty and justice and country.

Through all the niggerfaggot, lies a bunch of awesome.

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75% of black homes have no father.

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Welcome faggot.

Exercise and eat healthy.

Buy guns and ammo and learn to shoot them well.

Jews, bad news.

Around blacks, never relax.

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This should be written under our coat of arms

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Haaaaaaa. Fucking brilliant!

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Better to know the hard truth than be comfortable in a lie. Welcome to adulthood. It likely hurt your father to expose you to this.

I suggest the poetry of Rudyard Kipling to take the edge off. Most here would consider his work great, with the exception of White Man's Burden. They cannot be lifted up, better to leave them to their cruelty and misery than to feed them and destroy your own nation alongside theirs.

Norman Borlaug is arguably the worst person in history.

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I will definitely check it out. I think he was waiting until he thought I was old enough to have this kind of a discussion. I guess I appreciate him doing that rather than filling my head with things when I was young. I think he wanted me to develop my own thoughts and opinions.

[–] ScottMAGA 2 points 11 points (+13|-2) ago 

Are you red-pilled on women yet? Read "game" blogs/books. Also called "pua" (pick up artist).

Some men turn against women when they learn the truth, but that is stupid. Just understand women and it won't be hard to find a good wife.

[–] LightestHour ago 

I always considered White Man's Burden to be sardonic: "Go ahead, throw away your lives and the lives of your children propping up subhumans, see what you get out of it."

[–] Seventh_Jim ago 

I've never considered it in that light. I'll have to reread.

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