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Somebody help me remember, a famous guy in 1920's Berlin wrote a book about starting out as a painter.

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Man times are good for a black nerd game designer. Imagine all the cucks around you thinking youre the coolest dude.

I don't know what you can do as an artist, but if you need a career change, you need to get back to some primal shit. You need to work around other down to earth common sense people. People that put in a hard days work don't buy into the shaming and propaganda. Work on an oil rig or drive a truck, learn a trade, be a sawyer

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Black art is exploding! Japan just opened it's first black-focused anime studio, galleries are buying up black art like crazy. I have some art collected from my ancestors (grandparents and further back), a lot of it is nature-based. I've never been as into the urban, futuristic, or pop aesthetics. I'm just an old soul born into Brave New World. (Edit: I can appreciate black art without supporting identity politics or cultural marxism)

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hey dude welcome to voat

go for walks or bike rides in the sun

put art up for sale on instagram

shit is free

but most importantly

visit v/soapdoxbanhammer

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Welcome, it helps to have a place where you can talk to like-minded people. Don't forget to spend time in nature on a regular basis, it will help keep you sane.

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Nature and Mother Earth are a few of the reasons I stay here. Not many reasons among people right now. It's hard to come by a good job, money, friends. I think the powers that be are creating mass-poverty conditions for us right now. I try my best.

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Animals are good. I like watching animal videos.

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You're right on all counts. Real life and true freedom only begin once we ditch the meat suits.

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I wish I did, I love design, but have mostly suffered for it. What I have gained is appreciation for art from my heritage and the genius of painters ranging from Dutch Still-Life painters to the expressive Russian Impressionists. Programming is something I haven't connected to yet.

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They try to gaslight 80% of people into taking 10-20$ an hour jobs, hoping people don't realize that no matter how many hours, it won't amount to anything besides an Agenda 21 Apartment in a crowded complex with refugees. If you are a small business owner, they play the algorithms, the marketing, the social media and direct all eyes away from our business. Real-world connections are the best way through this, but now they are coming after this type of business too. They hate us for not wanting to play their fucked-up games. They don't want our talent, skill, merit, they don't want good things. If you are good at something, it is meritocracy and therefore: racist.

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Trust in the Lord. He is always faithful. The "church" doesn't reside in some building but in the hearts of those that love Jesus Christ. I suggest reading the Holy Bible for yourself and ask God for wisdom and understanding in it. Religion (church establishments) has failed God in many ways and will continue to do so in a nation that has lost its faith in Him. Believe in the promises of God, as the Truth in His Word is more freeing for the spirit than any man can ever promise. Your relationship with God depends on you and you alone. No religion, church, pastor, preacher can save you. Only your will to turn from the things of this world and submit to Jesus Christ can. Matt. 6:24 "No man can serve two masters: either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." Satan has many tricks to deceive the faithful and will use anything he can to turn you away from God. Don't lose hope my brother. Stay blessed and may His mercy and grace always be with you.

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I'm burnt out on these matters.

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Try watching The Greatest Story Never Told for an alternative.

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There is plenty of reason to be burnt out. As the other guy said, the "establishment" churches have betrayed the message of the Gospel, leaving people like yourself who went searching for meaning and community left to dry.

I understand that going through troubles or suffering and then being preached at might leave you feeling bitter or exhausted. I personally just want to stress that you should not give up on seeking the Most High on account of this.

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Just as satan would have it.