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mildly aspie here, have wondered that myself

also, eat shit and die faggot kike. we are full

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When i was a kid transgender people were mentally ill. Now they are a protected class. Fucking clown world.

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Funny on this note I have been diagnosed with Autism twice (needed a second opinion because the first was never written down), and I am always on edge and easily triggered. I sperg and meltdown if anyone attacks me over anything and reply ten fold with the worst insults that I can think of then I'm the one that gets banned.

I have a medical letter saying I am basically useless at communication and behaviour, but people trigger me by saying bad tings about my opinions forst, then go crying to the authorities when I destroy them with my full meltdown replies and I keep having trouble with the police as well over my online comments (UK soycucked state).

I dont get how everyone is expected to have to have perfect behaviour and automatically always be nice, in fact I hate all humans as my default mode. If people dont like what I say then why do they keep reading my posts and continue being offended in the first place?

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I can relate. I wish all people would kill themselves in the most harshest way possible because they are all nigger subhumans. Honestly human rights was the biggest mistake that ever happened to the world, most people are too stupid and useless to ever deserve rights. The only thing that people do with their "rights" is breath and eat shit. Most people are more related to cattle rather than individual beings with capabilities of independent thought.

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My atypical brothers if you are reading this do not be ashamed of

I congratulate you for jamming up so many scripts into one sentence.

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Kindred spirits.

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This is typical. SJW's are so dumb, they think they are smart and fail to see their own illness.

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They fear us.

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No, they don't

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