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Go back to reddit.

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Welcome to Voat. Wear a hard hat at all times :)

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what about the conversations do you like? what color hair do you have? what's the thing you hate the most about jews?

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The Frankfurt Jews brought us political correctness...they really fucked up the West...now we've got a generation of useless eaters who eat soap pods and don't know what washroom to use. Then there's the half baked intellectuals who are orgasmic about opening the immigration doors to every 3rd world shit hole country with an atom bomb population that either stones it's women to death or doesn't know how to wipe it's ass. This same social shit stain, in all of it's glorified ignorance, proudly promotes liberal marxism and the culturally abnormal transformation that it brings with it...it's destroying us right now, just look at the fucked up people all around us. Between MILLENNIALS and MUSLIMS there's no room for a normalcy, our lives are in a state of perpetual turmoil, one group is easily triggered and the other always has it's finger on a trigger. Little Mogadishu towns are everywhere now and the millennial misfits don't have a clue about anything. LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER C.A.N.T. [CANADIANS AGAINST NITWITTED TRUDEAU] SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM

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you seem ok... (for a canadian)