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Welcome aboard!! Feel free to talk about any and all of what you would be unable to do elsewhere,I notice our resident “I love free speech” account has already tried to silence your opinion. Get used to it ,he is right about one thing tho he has nothing better to do.

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thanks. i see he spends his time being a human captcha, more power to him. sad i wasted some of my 10 comment limit replying to him. live and learn.

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Your going to find a few accts that like to keep voat all to themselves he’s really not a bad guy but let’s just say he’s got a few quirks. He does Friday night guitar thread here this evening I think on v/guitar so he’s a fairly respectable acct. check it out

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Fuck off back to reddit.

Nobody wants to read that shit and that you think we do means you're retarded.

Seriously, I read like two lines. Go away. We're full.

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says the guy with 3 pinterest accounts. how fucking dumb do you have to be to think i posted anything for your cum guzzling ass? fuck off, fuck reddit, you low iq’d wanna be.

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Oh no! You tried insulting me on Voat. Whatever shall I do?

Seriously, go back to reddit.

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Hang yourself already, you’re not even worth half of the fucking scum in my shoe. Die cunt!

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haha dumb bitch ain’t no scum on your shoes you cucked basement dweller.

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we are all pinkon theinsid. its how your raised. amen

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I remember this shit vividly, I was in 4th grade and a lil niglet in class had noticed my mom and asked me if i was “gettin that pussy”. After I told him no, he went on with “women being all pink on the inside”. As if that was some kind of valid reason. Someone raised that kid (or didn’t), at that age, to grasp those concepts, but mentally he was not at the right level to understand what’s a trapezoid was.