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Oh man I didn't realize they had a new album; I haven't checked in on The Offspring in like, 10 years? Seen then live twice and they were amazing, both times at Reading, after CO1 released. I didn't get that into the next album and I guess haven't heard much of theirs since. Last time I saw them they were speaking out against shooters and terrorism, so it's interesting to check out the lyrics on this and see them attacking the boomers.

I discovered The Offspring when I was like 20 maybe? CO1 had just come out and I had Reading tickets, and was working for an Arabic EFL school that a) treated me like shit (I have MANY stories of how I worked around this) and b) the music they listened to was so bad that I decided to load up my lil late 90s cd player (it actually had amazing sound quality) and listen to the discography of the bands I was going to see at the fest I was going to, which included both Offspring and Incubus. Now I'm not being racist here; I'm not actually racist, but I am a music critic and my ears would have been ripped apart if it wasn't for The Offspring. They used to have one CD that was just the Koran being sung badly. In defense of my students, they seemed to hate it too. They weren't even allowed to go watch a normal movie. We took a trip to the cinema, and I had to make the poor kids watch this travesty of a movie:


And it was summer, so there were better things on.

I got to guide one of them on a weird act of cultural rebellion. In Islamic culture, art is totally different, for lots of reasons (some of them are rather oppressive, but you can look that up). So I took my lil gang of about 16 Arabic boys to a decent UK museum, and obviously most of them fuck off to the supermarket to spend their money on sweets. So I figure 'fuck it; I'm being paid to spend the two hours I allocated to this however I want, I'll go check out the paintings (I like art; I really like impressionists, and this place had a good range). About ten mins later I notice one of the kids is following me. Just happens to be the little asshole who's always the hardest to manage, but hey, he's in the same gallery, so I gravitate over. Ended up giving the kid a whistle-stop tour of European art, and he not only really enjoyed it; he demonstrated a strong understanding for it, especially pieces from more mathematical artists. He was a smart little shit.