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welcome to your new account

visit v/soapdoxbanhammer

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Don't listen to this guy, OP, he's just joking and means visit v/soapboxbanhammer

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Title Title
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I was here at the beginning but never came back or posted or remember my info. Yeah, your cool. And there was more racism when I got here than now. To many fags joined recently.

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Now anyone can act like an old fag https://voat.co/help/markdown

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Racism? I hadnt noticed, you niggerfaggot.

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I never remember my logon, so I just make new ones. I like this site; it's a chance to find new ways to share knowledge. That's never bad unless you're scared of thinking.

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I’m an old nigger faggot. Somehow I stumbled on this place and earned myself a beta badge. I lurk daily and this place has helped me grow and red pill some of those close to me. I’m a phone fag so my post usually format like shit and I’m still unable to figure out how to link more then 1 thing per post. This place keeps me sane and I truly appreciate voat.

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