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jews did 911

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Without a freaking Doubt. 100% I have not even a sliver of a doubt it was them. Further more Anybody that does not think it was a inside job should have to take a IQ test.

[–] if_you_can_keep_it ago 

What would an IQ test prove? Those test are dubious in their accuracy and intelligence isn't even linearly measurable.

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fuck mossad

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I watched a video a long time ago where Kerry, who was in charge of one of the investigative committees I believe, admitted that they demo'd building 7. That's one of the hardest proofs I've seen.

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Why would Jews attack the financial sector?

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Those buildings were in prime location and loaded with asbestos. Insurance took very good care of owners and allowed them to rebuild taller buildings without expensive asbestos abatement.

Many CEO's were advised to stay home that day, and did.

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To destroy records of their past crimes - among many other reasons.

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The pentagon lost $2.3 trillion days before the event. They were about to get audited.

All the records were located in WTC building 7.

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It was insurance

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  1. Eat sauerkraut. Populate your digestive tract with healthy bacteria.

  2. Eat low-carb and nothing that comes in a box, can, or jar

  3. Supplement with minerals like boron, magnesium and others, if you are eating factory food.

  4. Stay away from factory oils like canola, because they promote inflammation: eat lard, palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil

  5. Exercise and get strong throughout your body: lift weights, use gymnastic rings, do some kind of calisthenics or prison workout, whatever, but get strong and maintain your Test levels

  6. Learn to hit hard (coordination and practise) and target every angle of the head and neck (front, top, back, and side) with every surface of your hands and arms so that you can KO or damage at every distance and angle, no matter what way you are moving: open hands, the big knuckles, hammer fists, forearm - various parts ad angles, elbows. At a minimum, if you have no training partners, you can practise many angles by using a focus mitt on one hand and hitting with the other. Practise makes perfect.

  7. Learn to shoot and make friends with other whites who also like to shoot and stay healthy. Learn about basic small group tactics, ambushes, etc.

  8. Do not use Jew mind-warping products: porn; Netflix; etc

  9. Try to reduce the amount of money you give to Jew companies

  10. Master your women

  11. Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.

  12. Avoid taking modern Pharma, especially painkillers. They are designed to defeat you.

  13. Homeschool your kids.

  14. Consider getting out of the cities.

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Cities are where all hell will break loose first.

Small white rural towns? There's a sense of community here. People come together to help each other out in emergencies, rather than having niggers going ape shit breaking into store and burning the places down

[–] Musical1inNM ago  (edited ago)

And tasting ice cream and putting it back in freezers

[–] Epictetus_Hierapolis ago 

Ideally, a town small enough not to have a lot of street lights. You can leave your wife and kids safely there while you travel to a city with street lights and use them for their real purpose. Gallows.

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That's too many things your only supposed to list 10. But i like you're list anyway

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I would not take a single bite of sauerkraut for a Billion dollars. That disgusting foul smelling SHIT,

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Learn to love it

[–] Musical1inNM ago 

Good one.. might consider diatomaceous earth Food Grade only. Research.

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1: Youre a nigger.

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You're a nigger, Harry!

I'm a wot?

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hugs haven't seen you in awhile, Sir. How are you faring?

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How are you farting?

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hugs right back at ya man ello there! do you keep disappearing or hwut?

going much better these days thank you, how about yourself?

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the asteroid belt is the remnants of an ancient planet called Phaeton.

[–] Musical1inNM ago 

Name of a classic car too. Phaeton

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give me links faggot...

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Welcome, faggot.

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  1. Nigs gonna nig

  2. Gas the kikes for a better world

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I especially like the way you stated #4.

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That huge nose seems to become increasingly familiar.

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In a world of plastic surgery it helps to have multiple indicators:

  • There are a few nose types such as the goblin hook (e.g. Wiener) and conk-face (e.g. Weinstein) - rhinoplasty is common
  • Head shape like a penis-tip
  • Body shape like The Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot
  • Protruding lips, though in a more smug way than with niggers
  • Mouse ears
  • Curly hair, though if it's long enough to iron it straight then it's a shape-shift twofer because it can cover the mouse ears
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