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Good luck sir. I would suggest learning how to code drones and a little bit of electronics engineering classes on the side. If all goes well, the future job market is going to be robots that need maintenance, not just pure code crap.

If it doesnt go well, drones with shotguns are gonna be a boon for our side, or yours. Im an American Mutt so still not sure what the sides are in regards to me, but i hope sanity returns and good folk such as yourself stop getting shit on or looked over

Oh. And welcome. Be active and keep talking. As shit as it is, being more than a boner drone is how the world changes

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You’re not welcome until you off a Ziocrat. Every goat was jumped in this way.

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Fair enough

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Your target is Larry David, the tip of the (((pyramid))) hiding in plain sight.

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I see you Zog, enjoy your stay

[–] Dynodick ago 

The only comfort I have reading shit like this is knowing most people with this flawed ideology are terribly miserable and unfulfilled in their personal lives.

I would be willing to bet you’re also a spineless cuck who doesn’t have the balls to tout your beliefs in public either. If you can’t argue your ideas in public, do you truly support them? You know you’re outnumbered and your ideas will never gain real traction.

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Yeah, proudly state your a White nationalist, and want segregation, or even better an all White Homeland. You won't have any trouble with your ((( college ))) or professors. and finding a job will be a breeze.

[–] Dynodick ago 

I live a successful and comfortable professional career without college, family income, or government help.

You know why? Because I don’t blame other races for my failures. You all are so little and insecure, it’s painfully obvious. You know in terms of beliefs that you’re a minority.

[–] weengeen ago 

You couldn't be more of a bootlicker if you tried.

[–] Dynodick ago 

And I bet you get a hard on any time someone mentions trump, don’t you? You’d suck his fucking cock if you could, incel

[–] Caesarkid1 ago 

You ever see the neck wounds those two danish girls received in morocco?

[–] TwooPsy ago 

Doomer, huh?

You might enjoy /v/MilliondollarExtreme. Lot of young goyim over there.

[–] MrPim ago 

The Q Rush just means that your acct was created during the Qtard migration. Which it wasnt. That badge shouldn't really be applied any longer. The Qfags are still here but new accts shouldn't be associated w them.

[–] DoomerLad [S] 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

But seriously though what the fuck is a Q rush

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