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Jews did 9/11

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Jews did 9/11

Hitler was right.

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Welcome to Voat

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You are a failure.

  • unable to redpill your friends by now

  • did not dispose of your friends and get new ones

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Why did it take so long

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Well if he was like me, voat's sign ups were closed for a long time, so that probably didn't help.

[–] 88gasoline_shekel ago 

Or if you forget your password and it wont rest and youre a retard and have to start over

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hey dude welcome to voat

canada is americas hat

visit v/soapdoxbanhammer

we let canadians and even australians hang out

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Two Candaians walked into a bar. They realized it wasn't a fag bar so they become upset over the bigotry of it not explicitly celebrating sodomy and cried. When each heard the other crying they became scared and ran home to their gender fluid life partners to hide.

That is all.

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You can go eat an unflavored bag of rubber sex simulators with a spork for all I care. And yea, welcome to Voat fucker.

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See that wasn’t so hard now was it

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