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Anybody watch it over there?

I can't imagine those panty-wearing soy-boys would.

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Everyone who saw it, knows it practically has a G rating.

[–] Disclosureporn ago 

Hello mate!

[–] Inidaho ago 

Welcome. Speak freely here. It is becoming a lonely platform for a voice.

[–] thelma ago 

And you don't share your vid with us ?

WTF ... you saying we are not worthy but shittit is ?

[–] cvzex [S] ago 

You guys have prob seen it by now anyway

[–] thelma ago 

And again, not sharing.

[–] Cheybear ago 

Welcome to voat!

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"Hurr durr, I was ben for sharing fake videos". Christchurch video was utter bullshit. Mega false flag.

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