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got in a fight yesterday and beat 3 women and a man

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Africa is your land. Known as the Abzu. You should return there and help your peoples.

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If it makes you feel any better, I owe about three white women chie support.

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@imchad aka @srayzie fucked her own father

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Nigger faggot***

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@imchad aka srayzie let her father fuck her and he daughter at the same time.

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OP should start his own sub



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Good god Thelma. Never stop one upping yourself.

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Gaspppppppp. LOLOLOLOL

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you are the definition of the difference between a nigger and a black man... Don't marry a white girl... and you can stay.

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Seriously. You can be black, just don't be a nigger. You can be a Jew, just don't be a shekel mongering monster, and you can be gay, just don't be a fag.

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You can be gay because of childhood abuse. Whatever. But if you act on it youre a fucking degenerate regardless of how quiet you keep it.

Also I dont know about Jews. Theyre so subversive I refuse to trust a single one

For blacks though, they are lower IQ and stuck in a much higher IQ country. I hate them when they do disgusting nigger shit but when theyre separate in their own countries I think nothing of them. Im fine with them that way. I see black people as generally poor low IQ people in countries they shouldnt be in. Sucks for them and sucks for us. All a result of the Jew. If they were in their countries doing low IQ shit amongst themselves and is in our white countries doing high IQ shit wed both be far better off. Blacks being in the West is just bad for both groups involved and I cant hate them completely for it. Just a group that has been taken advantage of by the Jew to fuck us over.

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"You can be a jew."

Ehhhh I don't know about that one buddy.

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You can be a Jew

Ugh, ya know this is fucking true. some of the best Anti-Jew shit comes from decent Jews themselves. Of course MUCH OF THAT is from Jews who just think cards are getting played too fast. They are not really upset at the end goal they just think methods being used are to crude and obvious.

Even then if a Jew really wants to be a good person, hates most other Jews...We can't take the time to vet them all. They all just gotta go.

Niggers, can improve as a whole. We know that. In the 70's there were far more blacks than niggers. Wwe've never achieved that with Jews.

I'm sorry when the time finally comes. They all gotta go to Israel at the very least. And unlike the Havarra Agreement which Hitler so gratefully gave them. They don't get to leave with any wealth...at all. We confiscate it all this time.


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What is this shit which I see before me with my own two eyeballs? Gays are OK? And this was upvoted 57 times? Do you not know that they’re a net negative on a nation in every possible way? That shit isn’t natural and it shouldn’t be allowed. Getting butt cancer, having your asshole fall out, and AIDS are not products of a natural way of life. Maybe if they stuck with their own kind it would be ok. But they don’t. It’s a degenerate lifestyle and it is a sign of a corrupted nation.

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It's hard for a well adjusted black man to find an actual black girl who isn't a sheboon. My buddy, one of those mythical well adjusted black men, recently got married.... to a white woman.
I was really torn on it, but I remember years ago, we were talking, and he was just pouring out his soul to me about the difficulties of dating black girls, they basically have no morals and even the best of them are niggresses(he didn't use that word of course). So, I mean, fuck, he married a white woman, but I want my bro to be happy, and if he wasn't finding that within his race, then why not?

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That's what spanish chicks are for.

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Regression to the mean is why...

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I think the better solution is let's end the drug war. Get niggers back to being the "blacks" of the 70's and make them date within their own race again.

I'm all for de-shebooning negresses. Nice, respectable black families. I got no issue with that.

But no...even the top 1% of black men should not be allowed to date or marry white women.

And vice versa. It is not right for a white man to go off and steal a top 1% black woman just because he's some loser who can't attract a high level white woman.

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if an upstanding black man cannot find what he wants in black women he should go to apefrica and enslave a couple or at the very least find a nice jewess to slap around.

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Convince as many blacks as possible to go back to Africa and/or form their own community of just blacks. Once it's just blacks, teach them the way of the white man and how work and education tend to work out better long term than doing whatever the Jews tell them to do through (((rap))) music.

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That doesn't really seem to work though. How many decades has the rest of the world been sending aid to Africa? Whites tried teaching them how to grow crops and set up schools and hospitals, etc. But look at them today. Still starving. Still living in mud huts and eating dirt cookies. They still believe people can use magic to turn into goats and that raping babies cures AIDS.

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you know he will sheboons are retarded and niggers and white women have the same intelligence

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Do you know Don Lemon?

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LOL, Jesus... caught me off guard. You got a real LOL out of me, nice work.

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I can't stand that guy.

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he is a lying son of a bitch that has betrayed the American people with his bullshit propaganda to the point of treason!

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From where'd you steal that mountain bike?

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Did you check your garage lately?

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What's it like to be a Hebrew Virus??? Good money in it? Do you sell diamonds?

I'm an African virus. I get some downvotes for telling people to have butt sex and that butt sex is great. What can I do? I couldn't live without butt sex. Transfusions would not be enough to keep me going.

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Whats up faggot? Is it hard to see your race in the state that its in? Blacks like you should be working with us to wake blacks up to how Jews have used them. We need all races united against the fucking jew

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The problem is that any black who attempts to bring accountability to the black community is shunned and basically labeled.

[–] Simonsaysgoat 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Thats what I wanted someone to bring up. They would be called an uncle Tom, etc. The reason is because blacks are not the same as whites and forcing them to act like us is wrong. Thats why we all need to seperate because were fundamentally different

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I don't hang out with any black people though

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Even niggers dont like niggers haha

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Honestly, how many niggers are capable of waking up? In order to see past niggerhood you have to have a higher than average IQ and be able to critically think. What OP should do is make a list of niggers to be eliminated during the culling and foster ties with based Whites.

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Maybe not wake up but redirect. Its like an angry pitbull running up the street toward you and behind him is a jew with an R/C car with a steak strapped to the roof. We have to get our own R/C car with a bigger steak and drive it back toward the Jews in the hopes that the dog turns on him. I dont know how,much effort should be put into it but its an avenue that Pat Little is trying and I think it could be a good move for us.

[–] AmericanJew2 9 points -3 points (+6|-9) ago 

Simmer down there, niggerfaggot. Try being me waking up other Jews to the shit Jews do. It is easy to turn niggers against anyone (see Jews turning Nigs against Whites), so it will be just as slippery a slope to turn Nigs against Jews.

Better to wake up everyone to their own bullshit, Jews included. I will never give up hope.

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Simmer down there, kike. Gas yourself.

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Try being me waking up other Jews to the shit Jews do.

Talk about a hard road.

Definitely got your work cut out for you there.

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I'd start with getting them to stop chopping on their sons dicks. The trauma of childhood sexual abuse would explain much of their behavior.

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Too bad we can't work together but that's just not possible. A jew could not and should not ever be trusted. I know that many Jews are just living their lives but the longer clown world goes on the worse the backlash will be, save your people from themselves.

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Someone told me once about a slave nigger that married his owner, some powerful chick. And then he wrote goddamn Symphonies. I damn near had to eat my hat.


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Mixed race

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Look at his features in the painting—definitely White blood in his lineage. (Which would help explain his accomplishments.)

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It says he was the son of a white guy and a 16 year old african girl (slave/maid of the wife of the white guy). Cool that he was a prodigy/virtuoso I guess.

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This is still cucking.

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N ice to meet you.

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I hope you're treated with respect here.

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Great, now we have more than one black Voat user.

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He'll get more respect than you faggot.

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Hope and respect; do you know what platform you're on?

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You too, thanks.

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Welcome, keep not being a nigger

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