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You cheeky fucker.

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OK, you posted.

That's it I assume ?

At least for another year ?

I assume we can shitpost all about you now ?

For the next year, to give you something to do, memorize the musical "Grease" but do not contact Olivia. I want her phone line clear at all times. I'm sure she'll pick up one of my calls.


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Another thing, why are you weirdos hanging out in v/introductions like a pedo creep cruising the bus station for runaways?

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It's kind of scary where the pedo's hang out here. Can't really blame.

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Why are you so mean to me?

FYI because registration are closed, Ive resorted to sharing my account so others can experience the awesomeness that is Voat.

@PuttItout forcing us to live like a third world website.

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