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Nice to have a new home, without all the censorship.

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I remember when 4chan raided voat and nobody noticed. They left pretty quickly after they realized we aren’t here for the lulz.

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I didn't start to hate Jews until last summer where I watched Andy Warski Live. I realized how much the Jews control everything. After that show died down so did my hatred of Jews.

You're glowing. You don't just stop hating Jews since it takes a lot to get to that point. Once you are woke to the JQ you never go back to sleep. So I don't buy it.

Niggers are shit kike faggot fucking niggers hate those niggers kill all kikes

Glow in the dark. This is a pretty lame attempt at gaining acceptance here.

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No, I'd just say I'm young and figuring things out. I just graduated high school 4 days ago. I didn't originally hate Jews when I first started realizing the true nature. It was only surface level.

I mean, I just started questioning the Holocaust 2 months ago. Also, I just really like saying nigger since I'm from the deep south and hate them the most.

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OP forgot about jews after "getting red-pilled". Red-pilled folks don't need a programming update to remember a threat.

Op probably needs to get gassed.

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That was only my start. I knew they controlled the media and got into the 'best' colleges at alarming rates. That was as far is it went. I didn't care enough to keep up with it.

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Helps to get it all out huh. As much as some people are a-holes or what not here, it's like that old saying. "If I cant call you an asshole, you're not my friend"

Cant say I'm into the 'hate' thing, but theres reason behind it. It's not delusional like leftists shit. And considering I've been a liberal/libertarian most of my life, fuck man, welcome to the last free place on earth

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How is Voat compared to Reddit? I'm a noob here.

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It's very different in terms of who uses it, just the UI and skins are about the same

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Apparently I'm too retarded to explain the Jew thing, since 2 people pointed it. How can I go from hating Jews to forgetting about it for a while?

As I said, that was my start. I didn't hate the Jewish race or really anyone for being Jews -- I just was hating that the media was so controlled by a race that is such a small percentage. Or that colleges like Harvard accepted so many Jews. I didn't literally forget those facts but I got a job and didn't really care anymore. I didn't think the problem was the Jews themselves. I didn't realize the true Jewish intent. I had no clue that the Jews are behind quite literally every newspaper, company, movie, TV show, music, etc. My mom is a big supporter of Israel, like many Republicans.

My hatred of the Jewish race didn't start until a little after I joined Voat a few months ago. I didn't buy into everything said on Andy Warski Live. I still believed the holocaust happened as everyone has said. It really was seeing the absolute hatred of Jews from many people on here and actually seeing proof. "Every. fucking. time" is so true. Any article talking about white privilege is always by (((berg))) or whatever other Jew. It's always them. Gay agenda, racism, pay gap, multiculturalism, etc., is being pushed by Jews. I've absolutely hated the media so learning all shit media is owned by Jews is what really made me hate the kike race. I turned 18 in October so I was also a bit naive.

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