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All Polar Bears are left-handed apparently, welcome.

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hi friend

young black males are 4 percent of the population but commit more than half of all murders in the united states

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It never happens.

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Tell me about it

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shit and piss

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Catholics are brainwashed faggots who are enemies of America and require gassing.


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Brainwashed into believing in universal Truth and universal morality? In an order to the universe? In moral laws and personal responsibility and family and a coherent understanding of human interactions and history? All to be told that we're "brainwashed" by "enlightened" narcissists and nihilists and hedonists who proudly reject God and therefore meaning and truth and virtue and everything He entails in a desperate, irrational attempt to liberate themselves from responsibility or the need to look beyond their own flesh and blood and passions? But of course, your distance from Logos prevents you from understanding the simplest of universal principles, and so you favour might in the irrational belief that it is somehow equivalent to right.

America is the Great Satan, and plays a central role in the spreading and supporting of sodomy and usury worldwide. Of course it is the enemy of the Church. Nice attempt to appeal to the "National Socialists" here by referencing gassing while simultaneously supporting an anti-Catholic (i.e. jewish) agenda.

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I always knew there was something odd about Catholic.