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'who enjoys to travel'

Fuck off, we've got enough stupid people already. You have to go back.

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As always, you are on point.

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Yesterday, I had some weirdo tell me that I should be better for my fellow goats.

I was like, "Bitch, please! I do more for Voat than you'll ever do."

Then I summarily dismissed them.

This amused me greatly.

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Boomer detected.

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I am just a good old boy from KY who enjoys to travel.

@curiousmonkeyboy :) You might enjoy some of those VOAT subverse/groups about travelling:

Welcome to VOAT

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hey dude

welcome to voat

visit v/soapdoxbanhammer

have you ever squirrel hunted

i just got me a squirrel gun

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Squirrel guns are used to hunt squirrels? I always thought the squirrel was the projectile in a squirrel gun!

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lol wat

im new at this

maybe im fucking up lol

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ha ha ha, without wanting to sounds like a redneck, yeah, used to do it as a kid and its decent eating

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im gonna get me some squirrels and some jacks this year

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If you live in a good place, stop traveling. It's a dumb thing to do.

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Agreed. KY is nice. Where you gonna go, Tenn.?

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Welcome to Voat. Insults are unfortunately very common in introduction threads; don't let that turn you away. Once the crude ones have had their say, they climb back under the rocks from which they came. Voat is great place to talk about anything, and the opportunities to do that are becoming rarer as time goes on, so cherish your time here.

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How's your wife and her boyfriend doing, faggot? Enjoy!

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Your screen name sounds like something a faggot nigger would select to post a request for strangers to put strange things in his various body cavities.

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You can leave too nigger

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Welcome to voat fellow traveler.

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