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Welcome, niggerfaggot.

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You will fit right in.

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good reason to join

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Welcome. Title Here

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I will avoid you.

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I dont quite understand, if one is making a website where others can comment and discuss different things, why they suspended their users after a while!

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Go for righteous rage, not hate.

God bless.

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Why do stupid people say "obvious" when things are not obvious? It's not obvious, at all that you hate Jews, and if you do, that's your prerogative. I couldn't care less, but stop saying retarded, parroted dumbass crap.

That said, I hope you DO enjoy this site. It is a bastion of free speech, in general, aside from the faggots that slime-around here from reddit and imgur's greasy asshole.

Use the site, explore, interact, vote UP good posts and vote DOWN bad ones. Don't bring any reddit bullshit here and don't faggot any imgur bullshit either. It's ok to post whatever, but if you don't post validations or sources you will probably suffer for it. Again...this isn't reddit or imgur's glitter-unicorn ass-licking fag-fest. Don't try to turn it into one.

Lastly....learn how to use some grammar, you idiot....obviously? Really? No, it's not obvious.

Grow a fucking brain and don't be a nigger-loving ass-licker and you will fit in here and be loved by all.

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Heh, you Jew shills are all the same. Trying so hard to deflect the real problem causers of society (jews) by saying nigger. We all know niggers wouldn't be around at all if it were not for you Kikes.

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Suck a nigger-dick them. I'm not a jew you dumb-fucking ass-wipe.

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Seems obvious to me if you check his post history, so you're wrong on that count.

[–] Holonomic 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

I'm not wrong. I'm almost never wrong, so go fuck yourself.

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