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nice to see someone speak their opinion without getting censored

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Same. I don't agree with stuff, but everyone has the right to speak their mind. I love it.

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It's all about truth. Seek truth first, no matter how uncomfortable it is, and everything else will fall into place.

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Too many people rely on what they are told by others. Seek it yourself as the truth will set you free.

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I think that sometimes outside of FPH we forget how important it is to hate the fats as well. Fuck them fat fucking adiposeniggers. Lazy, self indulgent, glutenous slobs.

Welcome aboard nigger

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Yea I know what you mean. I was at lowes today and this cashier who happened to be a male, most are women, this guy was I cant even explain without sounding, I don't even know how to say it. I mean ok your fat, I get it...he's only getting fatter...what the fuck, how? How is it possible? You know those giant beach balls you were always jealous of because you knew your parents were never going to get one for you, picture the biggest fucking inflatable beach ball. Now picture it with what looked like stretchable black pants and a neck less head. He rang us up and then had the nerve to say..."take care of your self?! " I actually want to buy a go pro just for moments like that . You probably think I'm exaggerating, for effect. I turned to my friend who is in his 70s and takes of himself just fine, even he I could tell was bothered by it. But hating fats is a world I'm not familiar with, unless they are black fatties riding electric jazzies. Now that's a sight worth hating. Have you ever thought of walking around with a go pro ? Just for moments like these?

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I'm just saying. Out in the regular Voat forums they get a pass a lot. You rarely see them mentioned. Remember to hate the fat too. They'll be a hindrance during a revolution.

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You are not alone. Many of us are middle aged, and sick of what is going on in the world today. They way things have been going lately with all the bullshit fucktards crying about having their feelings hurt really gets to me. I spent most of my adult life in the Army and before I got out I started to see how pussificated the majority of young guys coming in. I look at all this shit of the lgabctxyz polesmoker that can tell if they are male of female. I mean all they have to do is stick their head between their legs and look up for Christ sake.

The fact that that nigger Obama made racism flourish again. He and his husband started to make men into a bunch of pussies. Before Trump was elected I was about ready to leave this fucking shithole, as I thought it was all done. Well it would have been if that pedovore Hillary would have got elected.

I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first with Trump, but I thought it would be a good change from the cabal shitbags trying to take our rights away. When Q popped up I was a bit skeptical at first too. Holy shit it didn't take me long to latch on to the movement. I woke up years ago in the Army with some of the shit I watched and sometimes was involved with go down. I just had little hope. Just can't wait to see these bastards get exactly what they deserve. We will have our country back soon.

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Do you think the army will obey orders and fire on the American people? I've talked to many on this subject, almost all don't think so. I think the Armed forces maybe the patriots ace up the sleeve. What's your thoughts, and I love the terms you bring into the ring...pedovore, pussification I see they not trademarked I might be using them sometime. Thanks for your encouragement patriot.

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Fuck off. We are full and your lack of brevity is a good indicator that you're also fucking retarded.

Seriously, we have enough mentally handicapped people.

Reddit is not sending their best.

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. Taken

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Strange, normally, @TheBuddha is a descent guy, not obnoxious like that.

@TheBuddha, if you don't like long reads, don't read them.

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It's too late. I've had my jidf plants subverting your orginuzation for weeks.