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Come check out v/TraditionalWives. Bonus points if you have awesome recipes to share.

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I'm stealing her!!!

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hello friend

welcome to voat

jews sank the titanic

visit v/soapdoxbanhammer lol

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Tits or gtfo

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Israel is responsible for 9/11


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Amen. Welcome.

Just remember nigger is just another word if it hurts is because you let it.

Watch this documentary EUROPA: The last battle. 10 parts you can find it in jewtube.

Also remember Romans 2:28-29 KJV. The (((jews in the letter))) are not the chosen people. Jews in the Spirit are. Jews in the spirit = Christians.

Watch the documentary Marching to Zion by Pastor Steven Anderson. Jewtube it.

God bless

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...is just another word ...

That’s such an astonishingly simple lesson. I just taught it to my 1st grade daughter - words are only air, and can only hurt you if you let them. It was in the context of something scary she’d seen on television, but it’s the same lesson, and one I’ll continue to reinforce with the “sticks and stones may break my bones” saying.

It’s inconceivable how many people don’t get it. Words are literally air and can’t hurt you any more than a person blowing in you, yet these snowflakes will go into a rage at the slightest hint of challenge to their dogma.

The only saving grace is that the mob will not accept weakness for leadership, and those frail, sad little people will never be able to challenge true strength. The mob just has to find the right outlet, one that isn’t so heavily controlled - twotter, Reddit, fb, etc.

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Well, as Christian one have to control our tongue because we can curse ourselves by using the wrong words or bad words.

The main thing is that as a Christian for example, and from Costa Rica, if someone calls me a spic, I don't care. But cause I rebuke the power of that curse over me. The saying you use is somewhat relevant but I have to disagree with you in this:

Words are literally air and can’t hurt

Yes, they can hurt yourself.

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Hello 25lighters.

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There's nothing wrong with the word "nigger". We call them what they are. v/niggers

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I've known niggers. They are what's really distasteful. They make you want to commit atrocities against them.

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25Lighters, ex-meth monkey or ZZ Top fan?

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Coke and xanax, ecstasy, in my early twenties. Thought we were having a family reunion but it was an intervention.
Zz top is alright wouldn't call myself a fan. 25 lighters is a song by Z-ro,

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This is the 25 lighters I was referencing. I have no idea who Z-ro is.

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