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Welcome to Voat. Switch to night mode, visit v/memberberries and you should be good.

Jews did 9/11

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and disable custom CSS you stupid niggers.

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.... I forgot night mode existed for the last year. My eyes thank you

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I used it for a few weeks (day mode), it's weird. Things go in to your brain differently. I don't know what I am saying.

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'Member when our country wasn't so screwed?

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The Obama Effect.

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Switch to night mode

White is right!

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Day mode is for communist heathens who enjoy retinal scarring.

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I heard some spic motherfuckers speaking Spanish in a store yesterday, and all I could think is how they came here for the money. Nobody's coming here for freedom or culture or any of that shit. It's all for welfare checks and a few people so they can make more money doing the same work.

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Are you me?

I have been in Ireland tbe last two years, before that I was in Kansas City and Washington state. Supposedly Washington state is one of the “whitest” parts. I came back for a visit 2 days ago... Brown people everywhere. All sorts of south americans, and man they are flooding the place. It looks like 40 percent white and the rest is South Americans, not even aot of niggers or chinks and we used to have a shit ton of chinks. I don’t mind the Koreans and Japs: they are like white people, support themselves and are industrius, work hard have a respect based culture.

The attitude of the burrito niggers is “fuck you this our country now”. I went to a mexican restaurant with an old buddy for lunch and the cashier refused to speak English with me and I know she could speak it because she corrected my pronunciation of the name of the combo plate I ordered.

It’s like, what? We are in the USA here bitch.

In Ireland I would NEVER correct them, it’s thier country, yes I am a citizen there now but it’s still Ireland and they are 100% Irish. Not my place to tell them how to act in thier country.

I wonder, hypothetically, if a “civil war” did kick off in the US over this shit, how coukd it work? We are all intermingled now, not North and South.

Really we need jail terms for those who hire illegals and an audit of anyone who is NOT a US citizen

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Ireland is doomed too though.. Ireland is turning into Africa

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I am in nigger-filled Louisiana. For a long time we didn't have many spics here, but we've always had a bunch of niggers. That's why the white people here are so strongly republican, because we all know about the nigger problem. From what I've heard Mexican immigration has increased everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if they're just leaving California after turning the place into a shithole.

Sun Tsu said something about how you should always leave your enemy an escape route. It's a lot easier to have them runaway than to fight to the death. I'm hoping we can use somewhere like California as a garbage dump for spics and white liberals, communists, and degenerates. If you feel so oppressed here, go there and be free. The only problem is the place is sure to end up a total shithole, so they'll have to choose between living somewhere functional where their shit is opposed and a shithole where they are free to be freaks and degenerates.

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Fuck those pepperbelly motherfuckers coming over here illegally, i'm hispanic and i don't want those fucks here! Fuck Mexico fuck El Salvador,Guatemala, and Honduras, i owe no loyalty to those people or anything having to do with those shithole countries ! Stop fuckin around Trump, we need shovels breaking ground and start building that fuckin wall now !!

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no one's staying for freedom anywhere in the world. That's like 0.00001% of the population.

This is a world of people who desire to enslave others more than they desire not to be enslaved themselves.

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Those who enslave others the best sell people a lie of government forcing people to take care of each other called communism. Of course there's a crowd of rich people who don't have to share their wealth and probably a lot of rich people take their money and leave.

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The US has long since passed the point of financial recovery. Trump is there to stall the inevitable.

Better get ur shit together, qwik.

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That's how I see it now. Buying time to get prepared.

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massive immigration from Muslim countries.


More like massive population growth in their muslim territories.

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For the record you look like a retard, nigger, kike, faggot for posting this in Introductions OP.

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The government will NEVER arrest itself.

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Why trust somebody else's plan? Make your own plan.

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Q follower or not, it is impossible to deny this much. Still. Trusting the plan is not synonymous with doing nothing. We're all supposed to be citizen journalists who are armed and ready.

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