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Only a woman would take 500 words to say "hi"

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Hey, actually, rats are good animals.

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Ya, if you like stuff that hurts people

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I mentioned that

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Skimmed through your intro. Welcome to voat, bring your husband, and have kids when you two feel ready. You'll notice when you check out someone's profile that under their avatar is a red button that says "block". Get familiar with that function, it will save yourself a lot of frustration later.

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Wow, actual advice and nice words. Thank you. My husband is here already and has been for a few years. I will use that block function,I didn't know it existed.

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This is good advice. You can also block subverses. Some of the tricker ones hide the block button with custom CSS themes, you can block those with a setting in your user preferences.

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Go blow your mom.

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Hope the guards smack the dicks out of your mouth on occasion, jfc

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balls or go kill yourself

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Go fuck yourself. Welcome to Voat. Are you @artofchoke?

Also, communist ideals. What the actual fuck? Even if it were a feasible system, it still leads to a rejection of the nobility of the human spirit. The philosophy reduces everthing to the economic. If I'm reading you right, you're an individualistic collectivist. Your cogdis hamster must be a marathon runner.

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I do a few times a week, thank you for checking in on my sexual health. I'm not that person, my old account has a username that matches my LLC and I don't want to actively associate the two.

You're right, it can totally demean human spirit but I'm thinking ideally, which isn't realistic. This would be if that demeaning would be happily ignored. That term sounds right but I'd love for a more in depth analysis. And what is a cogdis hamster? sounds cute.

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Good call on not mixing business and shitposting.

Assuming you're not being a jackass, the evil in communism isn't a side effect of flawed human nature, or lack of effective central planning by the state due to economics being formed by emergent properties. The underlying ethical premise of communism is that man cannot adequately care for himself, and that he should be denied the opportunity of suffering.

The entire system is built on infantilism and taking away agency.If it ran perfectly with no corruption, it still would not be worth living under because we should not aspire to be insects.

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You're working on a quilt? v/Knitting NeedleStack would love the company.

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YES! Thank you. I would love some advice and directions onto more subverses.

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There's v/TraditionalWives. I don't know if that's something you'd be interested in, but the lady who runs it, u/Empress, is very friendly. Seeing as how you like dogs, you might want to checkout v/K9SupremacistsUnite. I'm pretty sure there isn't a sub on dog training though. However, I think the people on this sight would be interested in something like that, so feel free to start a subverse of your own! If you do, leave a post on v/whatever to let people know about it.

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Do you let your husband choke you in the bedroom?

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I think it's a reference to enthusiastic dick sucking.

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Either way it's skanky as hell.

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if it's wholesome

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You sound irascible, but in a clueless suburbanite way. Do you tend to scowl or fake smile, or do you have the mouth half-open valley girl bitch-face thing that persists with ugly people. You’d fit in better in Boulder, but there’s plenty of cunts like you downtown

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This is insulting to my character lol. I'm not easily angered.

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Good on you. Welcome to Voat

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I'm going with "resting bitch-face"

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I tend to call that "being a nigger", and I haven't been called that since I supported welfare efforts

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I used to think fondly of the Denver area until I had to deal with people who lived there and found them to be a bunch of uppity self-important braindead ass holes.

Anyway, you talk too much so I only read the first two sentences. Stop smoking pot you degenerate.

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I've only ever gotten along with with residents of Denver that weren't "natives".

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