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This place changes you. The weirdest thing for me was becoming a Christian after about 25 years of shitting on them. Feelsgoodman.

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oy vey I'm not happy to hear this, goy. You need to find yourself a black girlfriend and stay up with her until 4:30 in the morning playing Battlefield V. shalom, praise israel and baby dick blood and welcome to Voat

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I'm so glad I got a reply from you. Love this account.

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My fellow goat, I'm sure @NosebergShekelman 's heart is in the right place, but I feel I need to give you more advise. I want to begin by recommending eating plenty of soy, because it is very healthy.

Be gay! You can have as much sex as you want! Anytime you want! It's great!

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Based and redpilled faggot

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Go read the sidebar, all of it, at The Red Pill

More at Reddit, also on the sidebar

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y'know that subreddit was the first place that finally made me really look at myself so long ago and start researching philosophy. Thank you for the info, I hadn't realized trp finally transitioned.

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You're welcome. I don't know if it has transitioned (migrated) but it was the concern at Reddit that TRP would be banned from there that led me to their backup plan here at Voat.

And what's with the downvote?

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If you really mean to find a woman and have kids start planning now how to bring them up so they don't go through the zoned out years that you did.

About church. Christ did not establish a huge organization as a religion. If folks would read and understand, He started a religion that is made up of independent churches. Each one following His teachings but without a centralized governing body. The believers in each town/ area would come together to worship. Each church had their own leaders from within. This is what He established. It can still be found today. You may have to look a little harder.

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Thank you for this. I think one of the best things I can do for my children is to never get a divorce. My father took me and my siblings when I was 7. I was the oldest. Stepmothers have their own agenda and want their own family, especially when they are older and their biological clock is ticking. I was not a priority in my father's life and needless to say definitely not my stepmothers.

As for the church thing I think it will do me good. I have some family now that might be able to point me in some good directions.

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May God shine light for your path.

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Live long and prosper

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I am an old goat (in more ways than you know) but I want to change my username, which was made in haste 2 years ago. If you want to give me an upvote, to help me become a normal niggerfaggot once again, please give me an upvote.


I can't even make a new introduction under my new name because I am like a Voat streetperson. Please help. If you give me an upvote, it will be like hitting my new username over the bow with a bottle of champagne to Christen me. It will bring you years of good luck.

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VOAT is medicine

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