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I wouldn't know how to tell you to boycott their products in every day life


You don't seem very dedicated to your cause if you don't know how.

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The old 729 UPC code or il ISO country code. Looking to make a bigger dent than the very few items on store shelves.

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drop your credit cards

get rid of bank accounts

Make your own shit... you may look like a hippy, but when you pull out your AR, they will know.... oh they... will.. . know.... i actually wanna buy a riot shield.

when the cops come to my door, i answer it behind the riot shield and walk out front lol

im 51% retarded

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Nose, 2 rubbing hands, nein!

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Did Israel do 9/11?

Are there links to the insurance documents?

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It absolutely blows my mind that name was available. Keep spreading the word.

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Shocked me, as well. My first choice was taken: SaneGoatISwear

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I snatched a good one too, so did my boy @zyklon_b

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I bet this username is available all over the web. (hint)

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The only things muslims are good for are killing themselves and killing jews

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Technically, we owe THEM one.

Holocaust 2: This Time, It's Real

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You're better off focusing people away from buying Kosher or Halal products and to avoid grocers who carry Kosher/Halal goods.

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I would suggest making a nice info graphic list two or three normie friendly reasons why people should boycott israel that can easily be shared.

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Son't buy Sabra hummus. Israel inside. Also don't buy Intel.

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A Sabra (Hebrew: צבר‬, tzabar) is a Jew born on Israeli territory. The term first appeared in the 1930s to refer to a Jew who had been born in the land of Israel (inclusive of the British Mandate of Palestine and Ottoman Palestine; cf.

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But it sounds hispanic and they dress it up to make it look mexican. I bought one recently and was going to start buying it but then I found out it was Israeli. Fuck I love hummas. It's a Christian invention and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Egyptian Coptics. Israel is culturally appropriating from Christians!

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