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Sorry to bring this to you, but Q is bullshit from Reddit. All Voat is free speech, so we don't need fucking Q bullshit. We just post straight stuff everyday everywhere here.

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Amen. Qtards should fuck off back to Reddit with thier 800x600 monitors half covered in Post It notes and pen marks.

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Intros get hacked by shills a lot.. it’s their way of keeping you from being able to post.. I did the same thing and got hammered.. here’s an upvoat for you to keep you posting!!!

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Thank you

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I like the meme of millennial zoomers waking up early to mow the lawn with an energy drink in hand, they are the same Qtards. The Q phenomena is a massive CIA psychological operation being used to control people like a religion. I now can't help but think of the image of a jew rubbing his hands together every time I hear the phrase 'Trust The Plan'

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Hey nigger stop stealing my line

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Tits or GTFO

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Glad to have a person of a high IQ whose into critical thinking and can see Q isnt a larp I mean you woukd have to be a paid shill from Soros or just so fukn stupid they would find it hard to pass the Bush no kid left behind program! Keep yer chin up anon dont listen to the hating retards below this thread.

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Go back where you came from. We're over full of qiggers.