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Welcome. Please try not to queer up the place.

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We seriously need to build a wall. Fuck off. We're full.

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Dude there's a fucking raid going on right now or something. Send all these faggots back. They already infected multiple subverses

@puttitout please investigate, they're taking over subverses and vote-brigading posts and users.

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Goddamned immigrants! Build the wall!

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They're nice now, and all for freespeech and anti-establishment, but just like the media (which they were against), the corporations (which they were against), and everywhere else, once they became the loudest largest vocal minority they took over and shutdown all their opponents.

Fuck them, they can go back to where they came from.

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Trust the Plan, trust God's timing, trust Q and POTUS

@vangielee17 fuck off we're full

OP is a faggot who shills for Israel

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Hmmm...cool story nigger faggot

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If it took you this long to realize reddit is a shithole website, you’re part of the problem and you should go back.

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DAYUM,8/pol/ changed itz format since yesterday? Oh, & kys kike nigger faggot then lurk moar.

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I don’t know what that means but you sound like a colossal faggot.

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For fucks sake man you don't need to act like such an attention-hungry faggot just because you found this site. If you're that desperate go check your local gay bar.

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I have information that OP is a nigger faggot. Feel free to share.

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Q predicted this

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Fake and gay.

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Voat was started by people from Switzerland. You're welcome nigger.

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