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You sound like a cocksucker

Welcome to VOAT you filthy stupid faggot

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Hey Racist, There is nothing wrong with sucking Cocks, Don't you know that COCKS are People to. you can't be going around hurting their feelings!!!

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  1. Go to the gear icon next to the little envelope thing at the upper right hand corner, click on that. It will be all in that area. Give it time. Things are slow on the appearance around here.

  2. Q is for Q, you're coming in at a time when everything is Q. Get used to it.

  3. Don't you mean "letter" that you'd like better? Putting a whole alphabet on there would be redundant. To your other question, no it's not a goat's head or an insect. It's an injured football that mutated after it hit the back of a radio-active dump truck. It's obvious to everyone else but you.

  4. Um short answer, no. Long answer, yes.

  5. Go to the gear icon and you'll see a button there that says "Browse" and you upload a pic from there.

  6. Yes and no.

  7. That's an issue we all have on here. Nobody is following and nobody is escaping. Get used to that too.

  8. You don't have to do that. So why archive things you'll probably end up making fun of anyway?

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Research faggot. Welcome to Voat. Too many kikniggers will lie and Miss-lead your dumbass.. make up your own faggot ass mind.

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Please get cancer

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who the fuck is the dickstain that downvoted this newfag. seriously?

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welcome niggerfaggotjewkike. the jews are flooding countries with violent low IQ niggers, and you're worried about people laughing at you for not having social media? heads up, all anon subs are for faggot shills, and Q subs are for retarded autistic faggots. welcome to voat faggot.

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You jumped into the deep end of the pool. :) I'm betting you're going to enjoy it here, if not become shortly addicted. A lot of very sharp minds. Freedom of speech is volcanic by nature. Welcome.

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I am new here to, But I believe VOAT is NOT a Social Media or a SAFE SPACE!!! So good luck!!!

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Been looking for safe space too as SM has become so scary. And I agree it's scary here too.

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