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Where's zyklon/b when you need him?

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We gassed that jew last week. Big diesel motor, well ventilated room with a door that doesn't lock. Then we buried him, dug him back up and roasted him to dust on the barbeque with mesquite chips mixed in for flavor.

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Last I saw him he was sucking Slash’s dick...Christmas folly jolly..egg nog full of reindeer cum..., fentinol in the cookies...., can’t remember the rest

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The holocaust is a lie because jews are pieces of shit that truly need to be gassed off the face of the earth. Niggers are diseased filled parasites that can't even be used reliably as farm equipment.

Hiltler did nothing fucking wrong, faggot.

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welcome to voat niggerfaggotjewkike. if you were unaware of how much of a scourge on society niggers are, you'll realize soon enough. there are a lot of posts about jews here. thousands of them. all hundred thousand of them are informative. you may learn something from one of the millions of posts regarding them. some people hate all billion of these posts but some people support all one trillion of them. by the way, how's your mom doing?

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Do you play any musical instruments?

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Actually, I do. Guitar and mandolin but I recently lost partial movement in my left hand and its put a big damper on my playing. I'm pretty bummed about it.

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Play anyways. v/guitar, Friday nights.

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Welcome to Voat. I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Ignore the shills, they need to build their self-esteem and ego somehow. It comes with the territory. Free speech is a double edged sword.

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Hey Estas LOCO!!!, We the shills are not shills, Okay ese, We are TROLS with a lot of Self-esteem and Ego, We follow the PEPE Creed, Directly from Kakistan okay.

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My apologies. I should of have known the ways of the shill are far superior to the credit I afforded them. Carry on, TROL. In PEPE we trust.

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You've found a good place. Lurk a while and figure out how we communicate here and you'll be a contributing niggerfaggot like the rest of us. Your experience of hitchhiking sounds really interesting to me because I never had the nerve or skill to do it. I'll keep an eye open for any posts of yours that discuss that if you want to share it. Welcome aboard, faggot!

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Sounds good... nigger. Maybe Ill make a sub about hitchhiking once my 30 days is up.

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Good advice from trialsandtribulation! I'm also interested in your hitchhiking adventures and would definitely subscribe to that! Welcome to Voat!

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Shit niggerfaggot, you mean to tell me that your master only took the collar off for 30 days, that sucks ass, Well do as much as you can while you can, before the collar goes back on, I will be interested in checking you hitchhicking stuff when ready!!!

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Dude, this is voat. Your nigger is missing a faggot.

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Looking forward to it.

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Found the “Broke back mountain” boys....LOL

You two got a tent or do you want to rent one?

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I already got one, room enough for two. Hope this new niggerfaggot likes bears, and just to be clear, I'm a top, and I don't like twinks. Thanks for asking, faggot.

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welcome to voat, I just started here recently as well!

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I;m still new to this too

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