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OP’s second post is a cartoon fingering her asshole.

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damn op is into some fucked up shit

I got those subs blocked

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cool glad to have u

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You are describing 80% of the Voat userbase. The other 80% is boomers who don't know what Linux or games are.

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And the other, other 80% is Raycisss!

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Erection Your Honour! many boomers worked with Mainframes, Unix, Vax FreeBSD so they definately know linux and many started this new trend you call "Games" they programmed that shit from scratch when there was nothing but a black Fucking screen and NO mouse, not like the new pussy mouse programmers of today, GFY GTFO, with your 80% shit.

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In my uninformed opinion, that was generation X. Boomers were not young and agile enough when this stuff hit mainstream. There were some boomers involved in programming of course, but all the ones I know of personally that tell me stories of self taught programming and hacking are 45-55 not 60+.

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Hi niggerfaggot. Go back to reddit. If you only now "discovered" that reddit is bullshit you can't be the brightest bulb in the box, so kindly fuck off.

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Hello newfriend. Pls respond, I need updoots so I can post a link.

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Sounds like you're a faggot who likes faggots

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hello friend

cesar chavez created an organization that guarded the border using packs of men camped in the desert armed with chains to stop people chavez called werbacks

visit v/soapdoxbanhammer lol

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Well, What ever do you mean: reddit's bullshit??? Please explain. LOL

Also get a REAL LINUX you niggerfaggot.

Yes!!! Fuck them Libtards SJW and the like!!!

Welcome!!! Enjoy Voating don't forget your paddle

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Hell yeah, Bruther! Hate me some libtards too.

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