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You can use https://searchvoat.co to search posts, by various attributes, such as username, subverse, domain, time frame... Voat's search engine was turned off when it was exploited/attacked by some well-funded (((entities))). If you need further help, you could ask @SearchVoat for help or submit your question to that subverse.

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You can save articles by clicking on the three dots below the submissions or comments. You can search at searchvoat.co.

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I'm glad someone figured it out. I've submitted many topics, and they all have a bunch of upvoats, yet I linger at 29 CCP and 2 SCP. I don't get this site at all. I've been voating for a bunch of stuff too. Also, when I submit a discussion topic, for some reason I can't see my own discussion topics...! I don't get this site. Seems like there is a bug in the system.

Also have no idea how to add a picture to a post.

I did figure out to sort by "NEW" so the latest comments would display at the top. Default is "HOT" which you can change by going to the settings wheel and change it to NEW

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I just signed up here. How's the VOAT community?

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Ok i see how this works now. Thanks, thats good info.

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Welcome to the land of free speech.

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