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It’s really refreshing to find a form that is truly not censored so that open discussion can take place. That can be hard sometimes but it’s very important for all of us to communicate freely.

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Agree. Long may it continue, Patriot.

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What's up, I'm new to voat. Trying to figure this shit out.

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Thanks. Ignore shills. They attack you instead of debating what you say with reason. They will give up soon.

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No worries. Thanks for the heads up.

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Oh, great, another Qcumber.

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Hello faggot. If you're a new zealander then why do you give a shit about q and American politics?

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Probably because of all the corrupt elites now buying land and homes in NZ! It's an American caravan invasion, and these globally connected types make MS13 look like a schoolyard bully. So if I was in NZ I'd be following Q, too!

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Q is worldwide. NZ specifically implicated via 5 eyes in FISA drama. Euro-Americans are my long lost cousins. That enuf to make you happy?

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NZ... isn't that by Norway? maybe on a flat earth? I dunnno, round or Flat?? at this point what difference does it make? At the end of the day. what other stupid ass one liners can I regurgitate? Holmes!

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Jews did the titanic

Q is controlled

Shitskins are subhuman

Religious cucks have zero intelligence

Veterans fought for israel

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God doesnt exist. Get back to reddit we're full.

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I rather like it here. I've got nowhere else to go.