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You a Qtard? Nigger.

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He prob doesn't know what that means. Did you not read his intro?

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Hi TheolxBillyGoat, I came over to Voat a couple months ago with the rest of the QRV croud. I have just been lurking. No commenting. I just decided I better start commenting so I can get some upvotes. Looking forward to being able to share ideas and engage in meaningful discussions.

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This is starting to get funny

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Then throw out your mirrors.

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There's a whole lot more to voat than QRV. Get out and explore. I came with the migration but found I prefer other subverses.

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The jews killed almost everyone on the USS Liberty.


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Hope you can handle some of the harshness around here. Some of it is just the nature of the site, others are just harsh. Why are you broke?

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