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Welcome to Voat Nazi faggot

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Vielen Dank. Freut mich hier zu sein.

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We are glad to have you here. Nigger faggot kike is like a right of passage.

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Wow, they still let you on the internet over in Germanistan? Amazing.

Either way, welcome. Focus on making quality content and you'll be fine.

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Well I do live in the US now. Go back to visit family every few years.

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Oh, good. Don't get to used to our freedoms.

J/k. I'm sure you have an interesting perspective on the policies of both countries.

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Quit playing video games faggot. Go learn to fight and take back your streets. Muzzies are cowards and run at the first sign of strength.

Your friend is probably aged or ilikeskittles

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Never gonna stop playing games. It's kinda tough cus we are gonna be called nazis as soon as we criticize immigrants or certain policies. There is a shift in the political climate and people are starting to fight back. Not sure what will happen though. I think he said he's been on here for a year. He'll probably tell me eventually but in the meantime I'm gonna do some sleuthing.

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Check out Owen Benjamin on YouTube....if somebody calls you hiltler, look them in the eye, and say " thanks man, but not yet...with some hard work and a little luck maybe I'll be that great one day."

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Go gas yourself you gay nigger faggot.

Am I doing this right?

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I think so

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You are clearly larping. You are a nigger and a faggot kike. Welcome to voat, remember to turn on night mode.

I hope your leftist deprograming is smooth and easy

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Got night mode on already. If it's so important why don't they make it the default setting? I think it's going pretty well so far. Only went to that college for a year so I didn't get in too deep to begin with.

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Always browse voat in nigger mode.

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We don't give a fuck about your video games, nigger. Lurk. Don't speak.

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Sup... been to Germany. Grafenwhor. Army here. Nice place but man you guys dance weird. Like Wayne’s world weird...

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I still need to see that movie

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ich bin iherer meinung on the PC shit!

du sagst zu viel über dich selbst, which makes me think you are a Fucking NPC BOT!

Sie sind ein tranny, pretending to be a GIRL, the truth is, that you are a BBC Loving niggarfaggot!

Looking for DNA! packen Sie Ihre Koffer und raus!

Oh Yeah you say you lost 8 pounds. SHIT that is nothing!, A lady in London lost a brifcase with with Half a Million Pounds.

Wieder Stimme ich über The fucking invaders comming in waving their country's flags and shit!

Bloodborne and Skyrim are worth getting a PS4. So if you are really a girl, sell nude selfies to prove you are a girl and bob's you uncle you will have the money for the PS4. LOL


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haha vielen dank. eines tages werde ich geld fuer ein ps4 haben. seit dann habe ich 12 mehr pounds abgenommen. also 20 insgesammt. um diese zeit naechstes jahr werde ich schoen duenn sein. meine brueste sind ziemlich gross also glaube ich nicht dass jemand denken wuerde dass ich ein junge bin haha. ich habe nur noch 2 oder 3 jahre bis ich mit der uni fertig bin also werde ich dann mehr geld haben. hoffentlich werde ich auch ein praktikum haben. dann habe ich ein bisschen mehr geld. es ist verwirrend in 2 sprachen auf einmal zu schreiben haha.

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