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Quick on the draw, I bet in the bed room you're likewise.

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is a win win cause during commercial I bust a but and never miss any of "the first 48"

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What, are you guys competing against each other to say it first or something?

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Your problem is being a firstborn. I am one too. Firstborns are the parent's guinea pigs. Firstborns are responsible for every wrong in the world. Firstborns are the smartest of all siblings. Go back to heaven and tell God you want to be reborn as the baby of a family. As a lastborn, you'll get more love and other shit for doing nothing other than making the firstborn look bad.

Hit your phone with a hammer so you can't answer if your mum calls. Get away from lesbos. Get a job in sales or become an electrician.

I'll pray for your mum to die and you can do the same for me.

Jewish cabal did 911.

Fuck off niggerfaggot.


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Never change.

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#me too

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Was in army.

Not a bitch.

Gets bullied at work by lesbians.

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It's a womans verbal and emotional battlefield. We start out totally unarmed and disabled. Unless you are willing to switch to a physical battlefield (ifso, take a page from Jews, be as a background shadow, keep your hands clean) you have to fight differently.

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, be as a background shadow, keep your hands clean) you have to fight differently.

Interesting.Could you elaborate on that?

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It's his boss.

Probably put there by some liberal kike who wants to emasculate him and get other men to point and laugh like you just did with your comment.

We need to build each other up, not denigrate and disparage. Especially when it's some degenerate filth bulldyke who should be tossed to the niggers.

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Just get your boss to stop on a lonely stretch of road in the night while your friend buys things on your credit card a few towns over.

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@vakhuman is likely a freemartin

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Its funny the only women I've met who are fit to function in a managerial capacity are the ones who would never seek it, they get much more fulfillment being mothers or working in a capacity that allows them to be creative.

Hi. Have you been lurking here long? You might have caught on that a large segment of voat's users support 'traditional values' and honor the woman's role in the family (and thus society as a whole) and agree with this statement of yours. We have a lot of creative, level-headed women on this site.

I'm sorry you've had terrible relations with these women in your life and I hope they haven't poisoned you to your viewpoints of women overall.

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Right wing communities harbor many of the best females.

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The greatest mistake the u.s. government ever made was passing the 19th amendment.

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Until you take your guns back you motherfuckers haven't figured out shit.

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Even most of the cops don't have guns... Where do you think this magical armory of weapons for citizens will appear from?

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According to this November 1, 2017 video from the BBC, mouthpiece of the British government, it is "easy" to get a gun on the streets of London.



video mirror:


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Imported from the US or manufactured in any machine shop.

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Raid a mosque, those things are forts and are sure to have weapons and ammo.

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You can make a pipe into a crude musket that won't blow up in your face if you are smart about it.

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"Domestic situations" frequently boils down to this; Argument starts, blame etc. she won't stop. He says stop. She keeps going. It escalates she can't stop . He warns her. She still can't stop. At this point either the neighbours call the police or one of them starts swinging. Those are the kind of women that consider themselves feminist.

BOys fight ans are friends. Girls fight and they don't forgive and they don't forget.

A feminist UK government doesn't give a shit about women and children, The immigrants are practicing slavery of young native girls. The feminists don't give a shit. They are NOT biologically programmed to protect other women or their children. They are failures.

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Ha! I am an excellent manager of my household. Much more organized than my ocd engineer husband. I would have made an excellent business manager. My aunt actually owns and manages a very profitable business. She comes across as the queen bitch, but she has to be. She's not actually any more demanding than a man would be in her position. At least she has never made her employees cry. I worked for a man once who ran off 5 employees - 3 in tears- before I found a better situation.

I think men just have a mental image of what a woman should be and women like my aunt don't fit. Never the less, she has 2 adult children who adore her. She's never been anything but loving to family. I suspect your mother and the lesbian are not alright in the head.

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Don’t be naive. Managing a household is nothing close to managing a business. It’s not that women can’t do it, it’s that when the pressure mounts and the stakes are high they lack the conviction and consistency to do what is needed regardless of the social pressure.

Everything is about social pressure and group approval for women. So, they might make great proxies for transmitting the executives will, but they are terrible at management for their employees and will rarely get the most out of those who work for them.

This is just a general rule for women so there are the rare women that don’t fit this description, but it’s very rare.

Edit: Also doing general office work and organizing is different than managing people and making important and complex business decisions.

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You’re being downvoted because the beta faggot virgins on Voat can’t stand to see a woman treated as an equal.

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I think you are on to something in a way. It is those that are most concerned about what others think of them that suck the most. Women who are very maternal can be great leaders using those same skills in the right industry. In the Army we had a saying- basically a leader is the product of those he leads, if he takes care of them they will take care of him or her. Screw the people under you over and they will if they are smart give you enough rope and let you hang yourself.

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Don’t let this woman fool you. Don’t buy her shit. She’s just as emotional and riddled with nonsense as they all are.

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I recommend lurking /v/traditionalwives it's soul cleansing.

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I hope you don't still work at that job. It's clearly doing damage to you that you may never be able to correct.

While your personal experiences are on the extreme end, I think you're onto something with the feminist/SJW culture. I think it can be considered an expression of toxic femininity. It guilts girls into persuing careers they don't initially care about out of a sense of duty to other women, at the expense of their home life and ability to have children. It also reprimands boys for normal behavior, even medicates them for it as young children, which retards their ability to be creative and relate positively with other people. The schools are designed to cater to how girls learn and feel motivated, the methods that were more effective for boys have been abandoned.

Once you've been here for a while, if you look back at reddit, you'll notice that every user over there sounds like a catty woman. They all use polite, politically correct language to tiptoe around each other, but they're constantly and venomously passive aggressive and sarcastic when they perceive someone to have failed to be politically correct enough. It's a great illustration of how SJWs treat each other in their natural habitat, in my opinion.

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