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Welcome. Be aware if you stay, you may become truly red pilled. It does not bring happiness, but need not bring despair. Your emotions are under your control. I seek truth wherever it leads. I'm going ping my friend, he's gas. Anything to add, @zyklon_b ?

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@greedoweedo feel free to shitpost in v/soapboxbanhammer

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Ok faggot, do you really expect that anyone here cares enough about you to read all that shit?

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Your can't fool is with all those words, nigger. We know you're a dumdum faggot.

Just say kikes did 9/11.

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OMG! Did you write all those words?

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Copy and paste Sherlock!

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The jews did 9/11 faggot

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Good deal. We just call a spade a spade here....and a nigger...HA! We have the freedom to say what's on our mind. Most don't go overboard and it's not a sheer hate-fest the way you probably thought originally or were told possibly.

We don't have to tolerate the [d]eddit style of stupidity and gang rape and SJW bullshit. Most posts I see (and give) about nogs and faggots are based on observation, not rhetoric and gossip-propaganda like you see in the media or on [d]eddit. By and large it's a great site with funny and smart people that are sick of the raping and damage to our country due to political interference. There's a lot of categories, I don't know how popular many of them they are, but roam around and find your faves. Good luck and have fun

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You talk like a fag and your shits all gay.

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