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I came up with a way to express this to the Qultists in a way they'd understand- you know how they have their little "WWG1WGA"? Well, here's the one I came up with for Voat:

JDN11DBAN = Jews Did Nine/11, Don't Be A Nigger

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You should definitely keep doing this. in no way does it make you look like AGITPROP.

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Who!? Ya DAMN right! xD

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good code

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Hurrrr. Jk, not funny at all.

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Kikes did 9/11

Kikes did US Slavery

Kikes did the Holodomor

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Dont forget the Saudi Arabia which is also ummmmm jewish state with arabs and a weak ass army to top it off


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Upvoted for your bio.

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Bullshit, white knight boy... you upvoated because white chick. If that had been some nigger dude you wouldn't have upvoated shit.

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Did the saying "Make America Great Again" really recruit the masses...or was it the OTHER saying that did so?

We see the hats everywhere...and Trump reminds us every rally. It's all about MAGA. Sure - that had support...and it resonated with me...a bit. But I'm here to tell you what was said that completely changed my perception about Trump...and made me understand that he understood. It was the "other" line: "Drain the Swamp."

Those 3 words made me realize that he GOT IT...and made me believe that he was going to try to fix it. We hear MAGA this and MAGA that neary daily...but if you ask me, the words that changed everything were Drain. The. Swamp.

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For me it was when he said "We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism." Did a complete 180 on him started learning his position instead of just discounting him as some reality TV boob. I figured if some one had the balls to say that during a major speech, he couldn't be all bad.

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Then why is he such a staunch supporter of Israel, the world's leading nation in pushing globalism?

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When trump refused to be bullied by the media I knew something special was happening.

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I got 9n the Trump train the minute he announced. If you heard his vision then, it would have hooked you too. Abolishing Obamacare was my key issue. We were on it when my husband got sick. He had to have two partial nephrectomies on each kidney for stage 1 cancer. The first procedure we were on market bought Obamacare and after paying $900 a month in premiums we still owed something like $100K. The second time he had the SAME EXACT procedure done I was working and we had employer provided insurance. We only paid $2K. One of those scummy medical companies "robo served" us without our knowledge and a judge garnished our wages. I went to pickup my check and I was short $700. My husband the same. We had no cash for rent and were evicted with a toddler and newborn baby. We had to file bankruptcy. Obamacare made us homeless. When Trump abolished it I cried. He would have to do something pretty horrific to not get my vote again in 2020.

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So sorry about your story--I hope you've been able to get back on your feet. I had to declare bankruptcy, too, before DJT got in office, and Obamacare only seems to benefit Big Pharma. I'm astonished at how little it does, how much it costs, and how we had to be completely poor to get the subsidy to afford it. That was one of the things that showed me that the Democratic Party is invested in keeping people poor.

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I am so sorry to hear your story. That is horrific. I have 4 children aged from 2-20. I don’t know what I would do in that situation. God bless!

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Have you looked into Chinese medicine that sounds like a scary debacle for you both

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How do you feel about America's relationship with Israel?

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I think we shouldn't give them another nickel, we should hold the people of Mossad accountable for their role in 9/11, we should shut down their child trafficking and organ trafficking global logistics businesses, we should scoop up all of their mini-nukes scattered throughout their embassies in the US that are strategically placed for blackmail, and we should arrest the massive number of spy's they currently have working within the US.

And then, be friends with them - without ever again paying them to be our friends.

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Israel has as many political fractions as the United States does, so it entirely depends.

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I think Israel is utterly, positively evil, and DEFinitely was involved with 9/11. I first realized that watching I, Pet Goat II back in 2011.

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Would you happen to be interested in /v/traditionalwives?

We are women that believe in supporting male leadership, learning submission, managing the home and rearing children. Come lurk.

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Men have to learn to lead though!

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Trufe. The "whatever you want, I'm fine with it, babe", guys.

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of course

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I'm a guy in his 30s who never wants to get married or have any children. But if I met a cute girl who had the views you mentioned in your comment, I would definitely reconsider. I haven't met one yet, they're all feminist loonies.

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We exist in greater numbers than it seems but being unsure of what you want from the future is going to be a red flag for most traditional leaning women. Work on those passions and leadership qualities till you can get your bearings.

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You seem like a new age pussyfag waiting for life to be delivered to you from Amazon . Disgusting

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Whew, my husband and I are not into submission, bondage, or S&M AT ALL--but I'm sure there are plenty of others on Voat who are!

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Sounds alot like islam to me.

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You have now passed from death to life. Congratulations and welcome. You have proceeded your friends in waking up. Don’t stop speaking out and always speak with confidence. They will eventually follow your lead.

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Welcome. Truth seeker myself.

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If you were on 4chan, then you knew that the DNC was corrupt and out of control. I didn't really see Bernie Sanders as a folding chair at first... but I had friends at the convention and what they were personally sharing was NEVER on the MSM and while he appeared shaken and injured, for all the bravado, he never really called them out. He's way too quiet now, and never said a word about their robbing our contributions for all those months. Bernie Sanders now feels like yet another false flag.

That moment that Q appeared 10/27/2017 it confirmed every piece of DHHS research I had been doing for most of a decade. The most "liberal" girl in the world shed tears. The people I knew, or know, who actually work in those circles confirm that DJT is sincere in the desire to get rid of the pedophillic agenda.

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I started lurking on 4chan to get news because of FBIAnon and then later MegaAnon--months before Q came. I went to the chans because I could tell that mainstream news was bullshit. Boy, though, what I read really shifted my perspective! That's what MSM is afraid of the most. We need to kill that Mockingbird.

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Take a look into the "political horseshoe" theory, because the far right and far left actually have a lot in common.

National Socialism was a traditionalist response to the problems and inequalities brought by the Industrial Revolution and a counter to the destructive nature of Marxism.

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Welcome! Some may try to piss you off with bad language or spelling myself included, don't get distracted. please visit v/GreatAwkening to discuss Q & Qnews

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v/QRV is the Q endorsed subverse.

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v/QRV is the Q endorsed reddit replacement. v/GreatAwakening is voats Q sub

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