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Usually newcomers get blasted with obscene terms like nigger and faggot, you sound like neither, welcome sir.

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Why is that? I don’t speak like this to people or allow others to speak this way to me. I believe in respect.

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I am a nigger faggot rEfugee and think I already understand. It’s an acid test. Nigger faggot. You read it and make a choice to tolerate the speech, or leave.

My IRL friends take to insulting each other as a greeting, as a check that we are still able to free speech about ANYTHING with each other, SPECIFICALLY that which the other party might find offensive.

I think I’m going to like it here!

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have an upvoat

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Well met, glad you're here. Share good content!

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Thanks and I will do my best!

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If I block up an old cistern door in my foundation do I need RE bar?

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Sidewalks and parking lots were my experience, I'd say you don't "need" it unless there is an issue with moisture gathering around the foundation perimeter. That could potentially weaken any blocking you do. I'm likely wrong, but I'd like to know.

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Greetings and glad to have you here.

Obligatory question -- What do you think about the jews?

Also, more than half of submissions here on voat are bots, shills, ad placement and general trollfuckery. Just keep that in mind.

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Thank you and noted. I think a lot of things about a lot of types of people. I think naming them is overrated and take it as a given mostly. File it and keep moving attitude.

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