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Well anyway, what's up crew! I haven't had the pleasure of being banned from reddit just yet, but I plan to push my luck. I found out about VOAT and created an account. Fuck censoring, this is America!

Pucker up, buttercup. Redpills aren't taken orally, and you won't enjoy them. You'll hate us for exposing you to the truth, but you'll also love us for the same reason.

It's a bit dated, but this is a crash course of Voat.


If you do not understand, ask. If you think you know something, you probably don't. If you think it's absurd, know that in a truly uncensored platform, the truth wins out.

We are not nice, we are not kind. We do not care about your feelings, but we will hurt them if you piss us off. Lurk moar, and be humble in your queries, and you'll be OK.

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Swallowed the red pill back in 05.

Thanks for the welcome and the crash course.

"When a mind is stretched to new ideas it will never return to its original dimension." -OWH

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Which red pills, exactly? There are quite a few here.

And you're very welcome.

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Welcome to voat. Prepare to hear about the Jews.

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Why is it, throughout history, the Jews have been reviled. James Deen, the porn guy, says he can do whatever he wants because he’s Jewish and one of God’s chosen people. Wonder if he understands how many of His chosen people God destroyed because they weren’t doing the right thing?

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Haha already have.

Thanks for the heads up tho!

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Doesn't matter. We're gonna keep telling you anyway.

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Prepare to continue to hear about the Jews.

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yeah I'm trying to figure that out now myself. New here. Seems you need CPP to post but to get CPP you have to post

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I am not sure but I think upvotes to replies may count as CCP's also. If someone knows for sure, please correct me.

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The points for posting and commenting are seperate.

Points for posts are called submission contribution points. SCP

They don't do anything besides look pretty. Only your comment contribution points matter.

p.s. how in the world did you manage to attract a downvoat fairy in less than 24 hours? XD

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I up voated you, return the favor


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Indeed. A strange policy. Was that copied from Reddit as well?

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It is very easy to join Voat (no email address needed) but to get voting rights, there is a need to make comments etc. I guess this method helps to limit shills.

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/v/introductions has this unique webcrawler installed where it smells nigger and prevents you from posting as long as possible. It must have smelled you niggness and is working as intended.

the pleasure of being banned from reddit just yet

Translation: Reddit cunthole jew making an account to Hello my fellow voaters!


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Lay off the crack. Fuck Reddit and fuck you.

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Fuck off, kike.

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Evening, gentle niggerfaggot. Take a stroll through /v/news and see what really happened today.

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Thank you much!

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Just wondering why everyone has to curse and be crude. Is it just to prove that you can and not get censored? Is it simple the way you normally talk? Just wondering.

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I've been lurking on Voat on and off since pizzagate before the election. After the Reddit ban to r/GreatAwakening I hope to become a regular here. Need some CCP's to introduce myself.

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