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Back brace can make a world of difference and so can yoga under guidance of a physical therapist.

Been there done that with injuries. Read the side effects on your meds. They are probably making you worse.

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I've done yoga. Multiple times. I actually started doing it before the pain was a thing knowing I had a spine defect. I've read the side effects on my meds and been told to take them anyway, then got slaughtered by the side effects so quit and got chastized. Whenever I bring it up it's always a circular argument. I've done everything. I wasn't kidding when I said I'm scum now. I did all treatments and refused disability out of stubbornness to the point of becoming homeless and living in the woods for a while because of that. Then came back home and spent like 10 months of the first year doing nothing but sleeping off all the stress buildup.

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So you failed once? Happens. Try again. Not like you have anything to lose.

Sleeping too much will also make you feel like shit.