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This post is in violation of rule 4. Please delete it immediately.


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You like it up the ass don't you?

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Welcome to voat nigger

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I played guitar, bass, drums, piano, and sang. I worked out quite a bit and had a lot of friends. Now I am in my early 30s,

I used to do stuff too

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Cool. What kinds of things?

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No one, or nearly so, around here cares what Reddit does. Or what the people on Reddit think. That mentioned, welcome. And have an up vote.

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don’t think most of you would like you (you mean me?) if you got to know me.

Of course not, you’re a niggerkikefaggot.

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I mean I am a genuinely useless piece of shit nowadays. Nobody seems to really like those, but voat especially doesn't seem to like those.

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You don't have to be a useless piece of shit. Ease you way out of it. Ultimately it's your choice what kind of person you want to be. You decide to stop being a Reddit cuck and are willingly exposing yourself to other viewpoints and that is a step in the right direction.

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You are in control of being a pos or being useful. Whining about it gets you nowhere.

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Happy thoughts.

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That last sentence makes me think you'll fit right in.

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Yeah, I mean the only thing that really gets me is that no one else pointed that out.

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