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Voat could use some more activity in the other subverses. A lot of subverses that are here have a ton of potential, but just need someone to work with them and promote them.

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I want to give some life back to the sketching/doodle/drawing subverses, tabletop gaming, and the gun subverses (I’m really surprised /v/Guns is as dead as it is).

One of the biggest things that drove me off Reddit was how every single hobby interest sub had been infiltrated by anti-Trump or anti-American snark. I want to be part of new hobby and interest communities that don’t have all the baggage of reddit.

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Every sub here is infiltrated by anti jew and anti nigger snark. So there is a bit of a tradeoff in that regard.

Spread around content to the different existing subs or make your own. Contributing to any sub controlled by @henrycorp is verboten.

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A lot of people here will regularly browse v/all/new for new submissions. I imagine that if high quality submissions in dead subverses started being seen more often it would attract people.

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Is sketching a hobby for you or are you a professional artist?

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Just a hobby. I am trying to make time to draw regularly and put together a proper blog or something though. Until then I’ll just dump my stuff on voat.

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Opening up a sex robot review sub-voat?

Good for you.


Unless its one of those gay sex robots...then go to hell.

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Harsh but fair.

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Hello, I came during paopacalypse too. Been away from a while but the site seems to have grown and improved since then.