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Whatcha gon do, faggots gon fag. He's from the "*spreads asshole* I'm feeling a little self conscious today guise..." degeneration, little bitch is probably starting to lose his popularity at reddit because those soyboys hate having him point out just how much of the only language they can speak is rooted in so many various white cultures; so, now he's coming here to spread his asshole to us. But it's really no biggie, the little front hole [probaby*] won't last long here.

[*edit, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt I guess]

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Many Reddit mods will ban him when they discover he is posting on voat.

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Lol, whaaat? Holy shit, I'm both surprised, and yet also not, at that. But seriously, don't tell anyone that I'm actually the ceo of reddit.