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hitler was a socialist. talk about universal healthcare, welfare programs and corrupt banks. pft it was all socialist vs commie, not much different if you ask me. identity politics always come with these


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That's the trick and you know it my rabbi friend. Socialism in and of itself is merely the concept that all countrymen work towards a greater good for their fellow countrymen. Socialism on a global scale would be an absolute disaster, which is exactly what your lizard kind wants. Global socialism would make whites slaves to the masses of overproducing mud people.

The exact model we have now makes whites borderline slaves. Millions of illiterate negroes live in ghettos and don't work, yet they have money for shoes, clothes, housing, food, cell phones, drugs and alcohol. They can afford to have as many children as they like without ever paying child support or hospital bills. They don't even have to pay to raise the children, the state (taxes from productive whites) pays for it and everything else. We work and struggle to have even a few children, while buck negros can lay seed anywhere they please as often as they please with zero repercussions. This is why socialism will always fail, and fail tremendously in race mixed societies. Again, you already knew all this, your kind literally wrote a doctrine on it.

National Socialist absolutely does work, in a solely white country. There is no greater proof anywhere than the rise of Germany before WW2. A defeated and broke nation became one of the most powerful nations on the planet in a matter of years. Watch an old movie from the 1950's. What do you see? You see that America was a nation of white people. We launched people into space. This is the true secret. It's not about the "ism" it's about the raw power and ability of whites to overcome and dominate in every scenario... except where we allow the Jew to snake itself in.

So there we have it, two forms of government, capitalism and national socialism that have proven track records of being very successful, but ONLY if the entire population is white and without Jews.

Now let's look at the other side of the coin, this faggot commie socialist shit that the Jews are currently pushing on America. Race mixing, faggots, and all the cuckoldry. Let's look to countries where race mixing has been done and how those countries resulted, regardless of form of government. Mexicans raced mixed with the Spanish, how did that turn out? Brazil has more niggers in America and half breeds are abundant. I wonder how that countries doing. How's race mixing going for Europe right now?

Their we have it, actual, real world results that no one can argue with, yet somehow the Jew think that people will never wake up to the reality that they see with their own eyes. I'm pretty sure entman isn't going to run out tonight and buy a Nazi flag, but if he happens to read any of this, it's guaranteed that a seed will be planted in his mind. After a few weeks of having his eyes open, he'll be back on Voat wanting to learn a little more about what's actually happening in the world and maybe he'll bring some friends.