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No, it's true. I'm pretty much a national treasure. I'd not make this sort of thing up!


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No, I meant we shall see in the context of the future of her and i. Idc if you're being honest or trolling. And idc if you're a national treasure, although I highly doubt that too.


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I am all of the above, but most importantly a national treasure. You'll see!

One of these days, if you stick around, I'll tell you all about my dating a chick in Oz. It was quite an adventure and not entirely dissimilar to your story - except I don't think she was fucking everyone else. She might have been. I don't know and don't actually care.

Fuck it... I'm gonna tell you the story anyhow.

Pay attention, I'm only gonna tell you this one time and one time only!

Way back in like 2008ish, I decided I'd go meet a cute chick I'd met online. I did and we hit it off. I spent like two weeks down in Cann River - out off Prince's Highway. It's a nice area.

Anyhow, I came home and then went back to visit her again like a month later, only this time I spent like a month there. We rented what they call a "ute" and drove from her house all the way to the northernmost part of their continent. (We took some telegraph road/trail, to finish it off.)

Like I said, it was a grand adventure.

Alas, she didn't want to leave her family and there's no fucking way I'm going to live in Australia. So, we broke it off.

Shortly after we broke it off, she was walking her way to work at the coffee shop when a magpie attacked her and kicked her ass. It was bad enough that she had to get a bunch of stitches. She literally got her ass kicked by a magpie.

I didn't laugh. I felt a bit sorry for her. Still, it was not to be. She wasn't willing to leave her family and homeland, and I wasn't about to move to an area where everything tries to kill you - and you're not even really allowed to own guns to kill it.

So, the moral of the story is go get your dick wet, don't get too attached, and come home and move on with your life.

You're welcome. Every word of this is true.

See? I fucking told you that I'm a national treasure.