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She has no right to defense.

There is no legal way for her to defnd herself.

If she's that worried about being gangraped and murdered, she needs to illegally craft and carry weapons and be ready to flee afterwards, or move to a country that doesn't prohibit its people from resisting their own murder.

Australia is a shithole. If "cheap school" is worth risking gangrape and murder to her, I feel her schooling didn't teach her critical thinking.

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More than likely didn't as there is basically zero resistance to their replacement.

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She's fucking every guy in Australia before she settles on you. Right now, she's stringing you along. You should send her some money.

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Lol thanks for contributing dildo farmer.

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You're welcome.

You'll learn! I'm a big helper. I'm pretty much a fucking national treasure.

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Are you telling me to fuck up?

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So, she wants a family, but wants to go to school and have a career... So, the government will raise your children?

She feels like she's in danger, but she's not willing to pay for a car/parking to greatly reduce that danger?

She doesn't sound very traditional, or very smart from this. Either that, or she is scamming you. You're better off finding a girl where you live.

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I hear you on the first point. She cant afford a car until she starts this new job though and I'm not sending money.

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I agree that you shouldn't send money. Even if she is totally genuine and wants to come marry you today, 3 years is a really, really long time to be apart. Even barring actual catastrophe, or her turning out to be some kind of crazy liar (it happens more than you think), the odds of everything working out perfectly are still not great.

Maybe she could look into carpooling with a friend who has a car and split some of the gas/parking costs? Depending on how far it is, bicycling could be an option, too.

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Get a girl friend in your homeland. Someone with their life more together.

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She should get a cane. Cane martial arts are a thing

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This post is an attempt to mold your mind by a psy-op propaganda agent