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1 picture wasn't really 'taking over' now was it? They could've been supporters, you should be not inclusive and not alienate potential allies in your fight for rainbow equality!

Haha, I'm just fucking with you. Welcome to Voat, bitches. Enjoy the fresh untread carpets.

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Haha, be careful or I might munch it! Yeah but really,there's a sub for trans lesbians. I don't agree that transwoeman can be lesbians, but guess what? I don't come into their sub to tell them that. I stated my rules clearly, I was kind and fair, I didn't ban him for one offense but no. Oh fucking no. We can't have one space for our stuff?

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There's a sub for trans lesbians...? Wouldn't that be, like... Just porn?

Anywho. Enjoy your stay! Keep up the good fight, live long and prosper, cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, etc.

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Gas the dykes! Space war now!

@forget-me-not will be kind to you if she feels like it. Until you can make a sub, I recommend you try out her porn sub v/NOTLesbianISwear and spam it with OT content until she's annoyed.

In the meantime, please enjoy a complimentary ban from v/SoapboxBanhammer so that you may feel at home here.

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Pissing off a local? Sounds fun and I'm already banned, sweet! All of you are the nicest people I've met in a damn long time

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Serious question: Were you molested when you were young?

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I've had negative experiences with men, but that's par for the course of being a woman. Some men are just born evil you know? But as far as I know no childhood molestation.

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And I’ve had negative experiences with women as well, what was the point of that statement? Were you “touched” before age 12? Or beaten by a women? Honest answers please

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Brain tumors too. All gays I've ever known had one of the two: a childhood of molestation or a brain tumor on the pituitary gland.

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As far as I know I do not have a brain tumor

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Because free speech is more important than feelings and advertisers.

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People complain about Reddit mods and authority and fail to see the truth. Mods are just power trippers, and the advertisements are why censorship is so bad.

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Someone posted "Why don't you '#listenandbelieve'?" I answered, and got banned for it. I didn't say a single epithet, I just explained the experiences in my own life that made me want proof before conviction.

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Ah hell, banned for being reasonable? Yep sounds like me. Sorry about that and I bet you're glad here. Out of curiosity, what was #listenandbelieve?

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"#listenandbelieve" was a trending thing a while back. The underlying premise seemed to be that the reason there aren't many reported sexual assaults is because people don't believe the victim. So when someone reports assault, they shouldn't be questioned, only listened to and believed. It sounds to be a kind act, until you consider the ramifications to life and the rule of law. In my own life, I've seen that burn people.

When I was a kid, a girl pestered me to give her oral like I had (under duress) her older sister, my babysitter. We were caught. Who got punished? Me. Because as her mother said: "Guys always want it". She was 10. I was 6 years old. I didn't even know what "it" was.

When I was in my teens, a rather large girl decided to wrestle me in the pool. She had my head under the water. I forced her away. She said I groped her tit. I don't know. All I know is I went from "Mr. Manners" at my church to the guy you don't want to leave alone with the children in an instant. I haven't been back to church since.

On my first deployment, there was a woman that got drunk one night, had sex, and called rape. I, along with everyone else in the unit was ready to kill the bastard that "did" it. Until she went out again. With the same people, again. (Except the accused who was about to be court martialed) Got drunk, Again. Fucked someone, Again. Called rape AGAIN. THIS TIME THEY HAD VIDEO. Nothing happened to her. At all. Apparently vodka makes her clothes fall off, and she wouldn't stay off the sauce. She'd been quietly transferred into the unit before the deployment. She was quietly transferred out at the end. We didn't get within 40 feet of her, alone.

Finally, my drunken shitbag of a brother in law. He was sent to prison for twenty years for molesting his daughter. Only he didn't do it. He's out now, after spending half his life in a box. All because his wife abandoned the kids to the state and my psycho bitch of a mother in law (may she burn in hell) wanted the kids, so she coached them what to say. He was a waste of good organs, but he didn't deserve that.

This is the reason I require evidence before I make a call on anyone. I explained this in my post on reddit in much nicer words, but I was banned. Fuck them.

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I believe the true evil is the Jew and that we need to gas them all back to hell. Your lifestyle or intent does not appear to impact me in any form so I say have fun. Create your own sub here and just be careful who you give mod access to. I'm here to get drunk and shitpost!

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Oh. Well I'm not aware of the whole "Jew" thing (can we say that here? You couldn't on Reddit) but yeah, live long fuck hard and have some damn fun!

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Nigger faggot is one of the standard greetings here. Most main subs are truly free speech and you just get downvoated into oblivion. Some other subs ban you for some of the smallest of things. FPH banned one of my alts cause I posted "I slept with a fat girl and didn't like it" so i got banned for bestiality. Other subs will give you a ban for a day and its a symbol of respect. Voat is what the users make of it. There is some basic rules though. I believe CP gets you a perma as it rightly should. You have to be some kind of degenerate sick fuck to get a site wide ban here. I think support of killary is another example, kinda redundant though.

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And that explains my name, say NO to the dress being the sole factor of being a woman.

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Welcome to the crew, carpet muncher.

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Thanks a bunch, I'm finding it very comfortable here :)

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