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All good dude, Just the tone of your post set my spam detector off. Be patient, some knowledgable gun folk are members.


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You know it is nice to see that some people care about community over themselves. I learned a long time ago that money, shit, and everything else didn't hold the value of knowledge. Always thought of myself as a person who trys to be that change as opposed to bitching about it.

Much like obtaining an FFL. I get that people got a business to run. Thing is that you don't have to be so damn greedy either. As much as people may despise Sam Walton for Walmart there are things to be learned from people like him.

"Easier to make a dollar a million times, than to make a million dollars one time." - Sam Walton


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Welcome to voat, if people seem hostile at first, yes, it is because we actually give a shit about the community that many of us have built here, it is not a community about extremist views or anything like that (however when true free speech is enforced, the ensuing truths can be seen as extremist to someone who is not exposed to those views regularly, particularly when your frame of reference is so far to the left) it is about freedom of speech, in fact I would wager that you have stumbled upon one of the last remaining truly free places on the internet and while you may be called a shill, or a like or any number of things for saying somthing that the users here don’t agree with, you will never be banned for saying it, your comment will be visible to anyone who wants to read it and for every moron shitting on you for saying somthing they don’t like, there will be more actually debating you. Also keep in mind that the racial slurs, while mostly accurate and deserving for the groups they have been assigned to (you will see that in time if you continue to read voat) they can be overwhelming at first, but it serves an important purpose, voat you see, has an immune system like no other platform, it’s users are like brave white blood cells defending its home from parasites and intruders, you will be accused of being a shill, or a Jew, or a nigger, and probably a faggot, get used to it. You probably are one. And if that bothers you, then you are not voat’s target audience (see? that’s the immune system I was talking about).


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He's here to learn about the JQ, obviously. Or to gas himself if he's one of (((them))). =P