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Welcome you niggerfaggot. Nice guns.

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Thank you for the unique welcome......kike! Did I do that right?

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You missed the part about gassing him. It was a decent first try.

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No, I think you're trying too hard maggot. It should come natural, stop asking questions about it faggot.

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What do you want to learn? Your post reads like an ad for your gun building/smithing business.

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Someone at least is thinking about deception.

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I just wonder why it is that many here feel as if they are so damn likely to be targeted. Let's think about this for a moment.

What is it that you feel would make you such a target? I also was just like you until I realized that indeed there wasn't any reason to feel like anyone would be doing so.

Here is what you should realize. Some people out there just want to share knowledge freely and openly. All to help others learn from their mistakes.

I don't want anything from a damn one of you. Really I don't and I never will,but if I can share knowledge with someone else then hey I got what I wanted. Because just maybe they will do it too.

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I can help others, Currently in the process of obtaining and FFL to facilitate cheap xfers, and easy or cheap builds as well. Transfers of 40+ dollars really piss me off, so I am doing something about it.

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Ok, obvious self promotion. Still haven't answered what you want to learn here.

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that light blue gun makes my dick hard.

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It is very easy to do, and I can show you were to get the rattle can if you are interested. Can even lay out the process for you

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Nice introduction.

Really like that SBR. Cool color, too.

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Not an SBR.....lol the pistol brace classified it as a pistol to avoid that stamp.

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Oh yes, of course...

Cool pistol.

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Careful with that foregrip then. Foregrips on a pistol change their classification to an "AOW" - in fact I'd delete this thread after a while cause you're more or less posting online that you're breaking the law and providing photographic evidence of it. Be smart about it.

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Thank you.

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Welcome, niggerfaggotkike. Jews are cancer and behind all anti-white/anti-gun propaganda. https://archive.is/ztCRF

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So Jews control it all? How does one go about spreading about control?

Checks and balances does work, but securing that for such a change would mean government control....that poses other problems don't you agree?

[–] CheeseboogersGhost 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago  (edited ago)

The US gov is under jewish occupation. They did it by way of the Federal Reserve. How do we combat it?? By having dozens of people like Patrick Little running for office in every state and elect them. Or, we civil war/revolution.

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Jews own all television, radio, newspaper, and publishing houses. All of it. Nothing gets on air that isn’t approved by at least one jew. They all want gun confiscation. Not control. Not compromise. Confiscation and then genocide of all white people. They did it in Russia when they took over, they want it here.

The only solution is extermination. Using guns, in other words. And the non-jewish puppets in courts around the country and in Washington DC have to go, too.

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don't you agree?

What technique is that? I don't remember the name.

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No, wait, you are a newbie, and you know how to format like this? FUCK YOU. No, you are a deceiver. Something is wrong here folks.

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S'called lurking.

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Do u buttplug?

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