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I'm by no means a Trump supporter or hater. To me he's as useless as every President since JFK and I care just as much about his as every other president.

However, I did get excited about the promise of this whole #ourguy and #draintheswamp shit... until several months in when I realized he hasn't done shit and he's got the Zionists so far up his ass that he's now literally more Jewish than Anne Frank.

Fuck him, all his presidency shows is that US Politics is simply a sub-group in the Zionist agenda. The Zionists don't care who gets elected so they don't care about the dirty election games we play. Trump, Hillary, Bernie, whoever sits in the Oval office is of little consequence to them. In the end their agenda moves forward regardless all the same and then its just up to American Politicians to fight amongst themselves for the right to spend 4 years on their knees with that Jewish dick slamming into the back of their throat 6 times a day, begging for that sweet sweet cash those Jews can just make appear for you when you politely swallow their load, wipe your chin and say thank you as you walk away with your new instructions.

If you want to drain the swamp... IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN through legal or political mechanisms as they have all been corrupted and compromised.


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Agreed. I am also disappointed by the lack of a wall.


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Fuck the wall, bring our troops home to defend our borders which would require less than our current education budget. And then give the total defense budget to education and make all schools free to all legal residents who pay taxes.