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Take command of your own life. Demand excellence of yourself. Politics is a big world issue. Try not to focus too much on big world issues when your personal, small world issues are still bugging you.

Once your small world issues are managed (will always need management from time to time), your focus on the bigger world becomes a little more manageable. Because even if the rest of the world is screwed, you know you can feel safe in your personal, smaller world, controlled only by you.

You should be the example you want others to follow. You should live up to your own expectations, and desires, and your paranoia will fade.


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Following my dreams would have landed me directly into there hands. Reality is cruel and when your family has no power or standing where you are. When your living on a life raft provided by them. If you misbehave you will be sent to a special camp to be properly educated on god. The truth is I may still be monitored and on someones list. I choose evasion/stealth of who i really was because where i was was a den of snakes and wolves. I had to deal with the constant nagging that my thoughts were wrong that i was wrong. that the reality of this world was not constructed as i could understand it.showing off is easy and most kids could do it. they could achieve excel and no one will notice them. I had eyes on me that would have ripped me from my mother/father if they knew at that age i understood what was happening. I could not see who was pulling the strings but i could see them and i did everything i could to discourage that i had value growing up.

sometimes the only solution you have is not one you want. but its all you have because death/slavery awaits at other ends.


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This is the future that awaits every last UK citizen.