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Ugh. Go be fat somewhere else.

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Nope here to stay. You're going to have to deal with my fat ass until I lean out.

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You're going to get banned from FPH.

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I expect as much. Just means I have to work my ass off, and make an honest appeal to the owner and/or mods of that subverse to have the ban lifted.

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Fair enough then. As long as you're aware. I don't police forums and report people or any gay shit like that. But if one of the hardcore users see this post you'll likely be banned.

A simple verification picture should get a ban lifted. If you really want it by then.

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Why are you fat?

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Because I and I alone shoveled food, and funneled beer down my mouth while being a lazy fuck. That's changing, I'm focusing on staying sober, and eating a healthy diet that promotes muscle and strength growth. Along with exercising properly.


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Cause he eats too much. Exact same reason every other fat has.

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I've been lurking this voat sitey for a week now and I gotta say it looks just right. And now it's time for me to start engaging stuff here.

Heard the mods here can suck our tiny dicks, so I brought mine.

Also need them 10 CCP to post threads, I've got one bombshell to post to expose some plebbit sub mods, I'm sure people here would have nothing against that.

Stay black cuz that's the most important

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It's hard to stay "black" when I've never been black, nor would I ever want to be now that I have been exposed to the thinking and actions of the majority of them. They're either criminals, want gibs, or act like spoiled children. That's a nigger. I've met some decent blacks through work and school but I believe them to be the minority. I hope you're the latter if you are colored, but wouldn't be shocked either way

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you need some Joey Diaz in your life

big dicks in your ass

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Don't be stupid. You don't need to work your ass off to lose weight. That's a myth. All you need to do is a good long fast under appropriate medical supervision, or incorporate intermittent fasting into your lifestyle.

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Those will work, however I want to accelerate the process. I want to sprint. I want to squat, deadlift, and bench. Build my stamina and strength. I don't want to be skinny fat. And I was hoping you could clarify the myth. Did you mean simply that the two options you presented would work without exercise or that exercise doesn't work.

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The myth is that you need to run for hours and hours to burn fat. Actually, after 16 hours of not eating anything, the body begins eating itself. The time it takes to deplete glycogen reserves depends on the level of activity. By the third day of a fast you'll be guaranteed to be in ketosis and will be running off of fat. It's actually a bit more complicated than that and this explanation is oversimplified.


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Making fun of people is a sort of kindness. Subtly, we're trying to tell people that we want them to be part of our community, but we have standards.

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Yep. You don't tease people you don't like. The hard part is so many guys nowadays think with their emotions. Need to get people thinking critically, examining themselves. I wish that puttitout or atko would promote top weekly threads from a fitness subverse in the v/all. That way more lurkers may see it and make changes if need be.

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So I've been lurking

Straight to

Anyways, I hope the rest of your day goes well.

I couldn't be bothered to read the middle part, nigger. You got some pictures or a video explaining it?!

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I'm the nigger? You're to lazy to read 2 paragraphs, fucking go get you some mo gibs.

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Oh, I see. I thought you fat people were suppose to be jolly. You must be hungry. You're cranky when your hungry.

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You could join v/theredpill and post your progress. Lots of people post push ups and squats counts for the day.

Here is probably the most important thing I could teach anybody:

Be - Do - Have

No this ain’t English Grammar 101. But rather why people fail at what they are trying to do and the solution.

Do - exercise and diet

Have - attain goal and lost weight (I’ve read for men that your goal should be your height in cm - 100 = weight in kg. I’m 183cm and weigh 84-85 but I like being at 81-82kg, I need to get back to my old normal weight. Too much work and no activities have taken their toll).

Awesome! Nope!

This right here is why people rebound and fail. It’s a 3 step process. People never consider “BE”.

People forget “BE” all the time. It can be easiest step and the hardest step at the same time. It’s easy because you can sit on your ass and do nothing to accomplish this. It’s the hardest because you have to change and people don’t like change.

BE - (in your case) you have to think like a relatively fit and at proper weight for your height person. See above for the formula that I use. You have to think you weigh 8x kg and do activities to ensure you maintain that weight. When you get to my age group, you don’t eat shit out of cans, order 2 Big Macs, nail a bag of chips during a movie and take a walk around the block every so often to make sure you burn enough calories. You just live a life style that makes sure you burn enough calories to prevent the dad bod from becoming publicly visible.

The BE part is all about acting, think and doing the exact things a person who has the “goal” you are wanting. For most people this is all about sweat equity so you can do it too.

Good Luck on the BE part!

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I subbed when I signed up. Have been waiting till I could make submissions here on voat. I have been eyeing the 100 push-up challenge and will be starting that program along with what I have been doing for my back. Thanks for the advice with the be do have. It's a simple way to remember what I'm trying to achieve.

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Don’t try for a 100, right now. Do 20 morning and 20 evening. Set this for 21 days. Then increment by 10-20.

My back isn’t young anymore and crunches and full sit ups wreck havoc on it. Try tensing your stomach muscles and curl from your chin as far as possible. This focuses on your upper stomach area. You can do this standing or laying flat. Being able to raise of your shoulders is good and will target lower stomach.

It’s all about baby steps at this point. Don’t go big! Ask yourself how many push ups you can reasonably do that exerts you but doesn’t dissuade you. 21 days is also the magic break even point. 21 days is we’re ot becomes normal and a habit. Hell, even if you do 20/20 every day for a year, you are rocking it!

Note: I like that you want to change. I am a unverified shit lord but this has nothing to do why I’m commenting.

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